Noire is the goddess of the country known as Lastation. Her Goddess form is known as "Goddess Black Heart" and she is the current ruler of Planeptune after she, having dealt the fatal blow on Planeptune's goddess, defeated Goddess Purple Heart.


Not much is known about Noire's appearance though it's been shown that she was long black hair, wearing them in a twintails fashion and has red eyes.


It has been hinted that Noire is a malicious and extremely dangerous person, especially her being Goddess Black Heart and the ruler of the now powerful nation of Lastation. Though she appears to be gentle with her citizens, Moopa has described Noire's true personality as "a deadly fire that can burn through anything it desires".


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Noire has shown to have a desire to kill Neptune for unknown reasons, having sent many of her nation's forces solely to track her down and kill her.

Purple HeartEdit

Noire has had a deep and personal hatred towards her follow goddess for decades, culminating to her making the temporary truce with the others just to finally get her vengeance on her. She also landed the fatal blow that eventually killed Purple Heart during their last battle. Her hatred for her still remains and vows to spread this to Purple Heart's own citizens in Planeptune.


  • In both the first game and its remake, Noire, despite wanting to rid herself of Neptune, became the second member of their party prior to revealing who she is to them out of sheer guilt for getting them caught in a problem that didn't concern them. Later on she does become an official member after she settled things with Neptune. In this adaptation, she hardly encounters Neptune but is willing to do anything to get rid of her by any means necessary. She also does not end up joining their party compared to the video game series.
  • Noire is currently the only known goddess to rule over another nation apart from her's (Lastation), that being Planeptune.
  • The suit her Goddess Form uses during the Lastation Expo in Volume 4 is the Orbital-S suit.