No Game, No Life is a fan fic series written by Vince and is based off of the light novel series of the same name which is created, written and illustrated by Yu Kamiya.


Living in a world where it is just nothing but a boring and repetitive game... where if you say or do anything that isn't what they all consider normal, you will be treated as some sort of outcast... regardless if you more or less, no matter what, you are never acknowledged as anything; this whole world is nothing but a wearisome game.

Step siblings Sora and Shiro, two unknown yet infamous gamers known as the group named "「  」", after beating an unknown player in a game of virtual chess, accept and invitation from this player to be taken to a world where the two believe they should have been born in, although taking it as a joke at first, they are suddenly taken to the world of games, the world of Disboard, which is supervised and ruled by the unknown player they beat, Tet, the God of Games.

Now in a world where everything is settled by games, the step siblings now venture in this world and beat each of Disboard's 16 countries and receive their Race Piece and then challenge Tet himself...


This story will be divided into different parts, which will be inspired from the volumes of the light novel while being written with original ideas in order to avoid copyright.

Game 1 - The World of Games:Edit

  • Sora and Shiro, step siblings who are hikikomoris (shut-in NEETS) and gamers, are suddenly sent to the world of games by the god that rules that world himself.
  • Based off of the first few parts of Volume 1 of the light novel and Episode 1 - 4 of the anime.

Game 2 - The Country with No Game:Edit

  • Sora and Shiro are confronted by Stephanie and later arrive at the country of Imanity.


Main Characters:


[To be Added...]

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