Nico Yazawa

Nico, wearing her "Bokura wa Ima no Naka de" outfit.

Nico Yazawa is a second year at Otonokizaka High. She is the club president of the School Idol Research Club.


Nico has black hair tied in short twin tails which are usually tied with a red hair ribbon. The right side of her hair is longer than the left. Unlike the rest of the students in Otonokizaka, Nico wears a pink sweater shirt, sometimes with her school uniform over it. Though she does leave her uniform open most of the time. She has red eyes.

Due to her height, Nico can ofte be mistaken as a middle schooler or even a freshman by her peers, much to her inconvenience of having to correct the statement of.


Nico is shown to be caring and quite friendly toward others at their school and is often shown doing what she can to help the other students, even her seniors and juniors. Due to this and her short stature compared to most students, she is often seen like a child despite being a second year, which she seems to not mind.

However, when first meeting Honoka and Kotori, she seems to be troubled and is hiding something that is causing her distress, something she prefers not to discuss about, opting to try and forget about it and move on, but is shown to still dwell on whatever this mysterious matter is.


For years since she was in primary school, Nico has been very in love with school idols to the point that her love for them has turned into passion and even claiming herself to be the world's #1 idol.

During her freshman year in Otonokizaka High School, she started a club dedicated solely about school idols which she christened as the "School Idol Research Club" with A-RISE being her club's number one topic because of how strongly popular the group is. However, sometime before her second year, all of her club members and friends in the Idol Research Club quit and left, leaving her all alone. The reason to this is currently unknown and Nico seems to keep it to herself. She also has not made any attempts to recruit new members into her club for some reason.


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Cocora Yazawa:Edit

Nico's younger sister.

Cocoa Yazawa:Edit

Nico's little sister.

Cōtarō Yazawa:Edit

Nico's little brother.


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