Natalie Reynolds
Appearance(s): Fallout: Ode To My Darlings
Full name: Natalie Reynolds
Status: Deceased
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 2255
Place of birth: New Vegas, Mojave
Date of death: 2287 (aged 32)
Family: John Reynolds (husband)
Anna Reynolds (daughter)Deathmatch marker GTA V
Main Affiliation: Reynolds Family
"She was the most beautiful woman I'd ever laid eyes on. With such a gentle and kind heart. There was no one like my Natalie."
John remembering his wife
Natalie Reynolds was the wife of John Reynolds. She is mentioned in Ode To My Darlings on several occasions and appears in flashbacks. Her brutal murder serves as the catalyst for the events of the storyline.

Background Edit

Natalie was born in 2255. She grew up as the only child of scavengers in a small Freeside slum with nothing but the clothes on her back. As a small girl Natalie became a street beggar in an effort at helping her small family get by.

In 2261, Natalie and her destitute parents were placed in the care of the Followers of the Apocalypse at the Old Mormon Fort. The impressionable twelve year old Natalie for the Followers and she swore to help them in anyway she could. She worked as an errand runner and courier for the Followers well into her twenties acting as a highly dedicated auxiliary agent.

When her parents died from a mysterious illness Natalie continued working for the Followers eventually becoming a full member. She began receiving medical training under the tutelage of an elderly doctor employed by the Followers and quickly developed a friendship with Julie Farkas. While serving with the Followers in New Vegas she met her future husband John Reynolds when he was brought to the Old Mormon Fort after being found wounded in Fiend territory.

Adult Life and Death Edit

Natalie fell in love with John the moment she saw him. She quickly grew to adore him as the love of her life eventually marrying him in 2277. As a young bride, at a fresh faced twenty two, she doted upon her new husband as an adoring wife remaining passionately loyal to John as a matter of honour and personal pride. She continued her work with the Followers of the Apocalypse serving as an aid worker tending to the destitute slum residents of Freeside. She convinced John to sign up with the Followers as a guard and aid worker to assist in their efforts at helping the people of the wastes.

In 2282, she gave birth to her daughter Anna at the Old Mormon Fort. From the day she brought the infant Anna home Natalie was determined to ensure that her daughter never suffered the extreme poverty that she had endured as a child. She bought a Pre-War dress, a teddy bear and a Red Racer tricycle from a roving trader. She doted upon her daughter showering her affection from infancy well into her toddler and childhood years. Natalie only reluctantly agreed to leave Freeside with John when Natalie was old enough in order to search for a better future for their small family.

In 2287, she was on her way to Vault City when she and her family were ambushed by a group of raiders. Natalie was murdered by the strangely dressed raiders when she tried to stop them from taking her five year old daughter. She died as the result of multiple machete stabs from a raider wearing a feathered headdress and breathed her last in her husband's arms.

Trivia Edit

  • Natalie appears in flashbacks throughout Ode To My Darlings in traumatic memory sequences. In these appearances she is shown to have had long brown hair, brown eyes and a slender frame. She is also shown to be a loving wife and mother in that she is seen putting herself in danger to protect her family. She comes to John's aid when he is being savagely beaten by the raiders.