―Natalie Carson

Natalie Carson (born sometime around 2000-2002; age: 11-13) is a minor antagonist in Sibling Rivalries. She is a pretty young girl, but has anger problems and is very bipolar.

She only appears in the comic "One Tough Break-Up". After his girlfriend Michelle Stone breaks up with him, Patrick "Packie" McReary goes to the McReary-Wilson Family Café, hoping to find a new girlfriend. His older brother Francis points out Natalie, who is buying a drink from the McReary boys' step-father. Packie walks up to her and, after being yelled at twice, asks Natalie if they could hang out together that night, which she agrees to.

The two later appear in Packie's house, watching TV. After Natalie yells at Packie to change the channel and to get her a drink of water, Packie gets fed up, and decides to calmly break up with Natalie. However, Natalie does not take this the easy way, and almost tries to attack Packie. She is defeated after Packie and his siblings kick her out of the house before anybody got hurt.

At the end of the comic, Michelle tells Packie she is not moving away, and become a couple once again. After this, Natalie does not appear again. However, she is planned to make an appearance in Turner's Second Chance.


Natalie wears a striped v-neck shirt similar to Salvador Real's, but with black sleeves instead of white. She wears a black blouse, and black shoes. Natalie's hair is similar to Packie's little sister Kate.


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