Mrs. Guillen
Full Name
Female Human (Canadian)
Date of Birth/Current Age as of 2013
Between 30-40 years old
Place of Birth/Current Residence
Born in an unspecified location in Canada; Currently resides in Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States of America
Interests, Friends, and Enemies
Not much known besides her family
Most likely helped her husband with the "Guillen Family Business" from October 2013 to August 2015
Family Members
Mr. Guillen (husband)
Braulio Guillen (son)
Armando Vasquez (adopted son)
Unnamed father in-law (deceased)
First Appearance
"The Return of Armando Vasquez" (first appearance in Sibling Rivalries)

Mrs. Guillen (her first name being unknown) is a minor character in Sibling Rivalries. She is the wife of Mr. Guillen, and the mother to Braulio Guillen and Armando Vasquez (having adopted the latter).


Mrs. Guillen was born in Canada in an unknown year (possibly in the 70's or 80's), and met Mr. Guillen when she was visting Mexico for an unspecified reason. Although she was just visiting Mexico and was supposed to return to Canada, Mrs. Guillen decided to instead stay with Mr. Guillen and date him for a few years. The two eventually married each other sometime in the 90's, and had a son together in 2000, which they named Braulio.

Eventually, the two, along with young Braulio, moved to Canada in 2002. During their first few years there, they found baby Armando Vasquez at a foster home. Since they felt bad for him, Mr and Mrs Guillen decide to adopt him and raise him as their own child. In a few years, Braulio would take control as the older brother and watch out for Armando.

2012: Events of Sibling Rivalries: Salvador Real's AdventuresEdit

It is unknown where was Mrs. Guillen during the events of SR: SRA (which took place in January 2012). She did not appear, no was she ever mentioned. Her husband, however, did appear in the comic, but not physically. He would only talk to Braulio and Armando "off-screen". It is likely that when SR: SRA was still being written in 2014 , Mr. Guillen was originally a single parent with Braulio as his only child (it was never mentioned in SR: SRA that Armando was his other adopted son), but this was retconned later on.

2015 - Present: Sibling RivalriesEdit

Mr and Mrs Guillen physically appear for the first time in the main series in the Season 4 comic "The Return of Armando Vasquez". They decide to move to Green Bay, Wisconsin to start a new life. Although Armando only wanted to go to get revenge on Salvador Real (who was his enemy in 2012), he eventually befriends them and is accepted into his gang, along with his brother Braulio who had been with Salvador and his friends since late January 2012. Braulio and Armando would later go on to become recurring characters in the series, but it is unknown if Mr and Mrs Guillen will reappear anytime soon.


Mrs. Guillen wears her hair in a ponytail, and a shirt with the word "CANADA" on the top, along with the Canadian leaf below the name (however after moving to Wisconsin, she instead wears a striped shirt with the stripes going vertically rather than horizontally (like Gerald McReary's sweater). She also wears normal pants and shoes.


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