Mikiya Amasaka is a recurring/supporting character in Fragment's Note and a major secondary character in A Different Perspective . He is one of Yukiha's close friends, and is usually quite reliable and understanding.


Mikiya's most prominent feature is his chin-length green hair. He usually wears red glasses.

(still bulldozing)


Mikiya is a very supportive person. Generally, he is always willing to help his friends and the people he cares about, and is often able to quickly identify a problem and come up with a solution. He's also quite patient with most people, though Kazuhide's antics seem to be a pet peeve for him, mainly since he is often the focus of Kazuhide's teasing.

However, he has shown multiple times that he is more than willing to stop prying into others' business if it makes people uncomfortable, something that Eri has remarked as being "quite big of him". 

Mikiya is also very perceptive, as he was able to quickly identify both Yukiha's initial crush on Yukitsuki and Bobby's conflicting feelings before either realized it.

Kazuhide states at one point that Mikiya tends to be much more on the stoic side. However, Mikiya often flounders when talking to certain types of girls, such as Mischa. He also seems to be a bit of a tsundere concerning his own love, as shown by his reactions to Kazuhide's remarks about him and Eri.





Differences from CanonEdit

  • In the original, Eri and Mikiya retain an abnormally amicable relationship, despite the former's androphobia. In the fanfiction, Eri starts out hostile towards the group, but quickly warms up to Mikiya.
    • In the fanfiction, Yukiha and Mischa set up Mikiya and Eri for a mock "date" and force Mikiya to feed Eri, much to both parties' embarrassment.
  • In the original, any interaction between Mikiya and Kyoichi's friend group is not shown. In the fanfiction, Mikiya ends up meeting Tsukasa and Kazuha much earlier, and eventually meets Takatsugu and the others as well.


  • In canon, Mikiya is the only character with glasses. He shares this status with Tsukiya in the fanfiction.
  • Compared to the rest of the cast, Mikiya face-palms the most and is asked to cover others' absences the most.

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