Mike in GTA A

Mike is the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto Advance, circa 2000. Very little is known about Mike, except the fact that he has intentions to leave Liberty City for good with his associate Vinnie, an inital plot point in GTA Advance's storyline.


  • Mike is the only protagonist who is homeless.
  • Mike, Tommy Vercetti, and Carl Johnson are the only 3D Universe protagonists to not appear or be mentioned outside of their respective games (although Tommy is mentioned in GTA: San Andreas).
  • He is the only 3D Universe protagonist whose name is not in the easter egg graffitti, possibly because he was the least popular protagonist, and a typical player may be like, "Who's Mike?".
  • He is the only protagonist who leaves the setting of the game at the end.
  • Mike dosen't talk in the actual gameplay, but in cutscenes (which has no voice acting at ALL in GTA Advance), like other characters, Mike's dialogue consists of text-only lines with just his 2D face (seen above) next to the other character's face. This dosen't make Mike completly mute like Claude.

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