Miguel in GTA III, circa 2001


Miguel in GTA LCS, circa 1998


A screenshot of Miguel in GTA LCS. Notice he is seen as an enemy, but his death in GTA LCS will not be canon.

Miguel is a main character and the tertiary antagonist in Grand Theft Auto III, and a minor character in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Miguel is the co-leader of the Colombian Cartel, along with Catalina, the main antagonist of GTA III, and he is involved in the gang's narcotics trade.


1998: GTA: Liberty City StoriesEdit

In 1998, Miguel appears in the mission Contra-Banned. He and Toni Cipriani are in a drug deal, which is ambushed by the LCPD. Toni seemingly kills Miguel, but Miguel survives, and becomes the co-leader of the Cartel.

2001: GTA IIIEdit

In 2001, Miguel meets Claude and Catalina. He helps them rob a bank, and escapes with Catalina after she betrays and leaves Claude for dead. Catalina and Miguel continue to increase the gang's influence in the city, become rivals with Salvatore Leone's family. Later in the game, when Claude moves to Staunton Island, he encounters Catalina and Miguel again, who have a package that Claude was supposed to collect for Donald Love. Miguel hands Claude the package, but Catalina shoots him (not killing him), and leaves him at the hands of Claude and Asuka Kasen.


Asuka, thinking Miguel killed her brother Kenji (who was really Claude desguised as a Cartel member), begins to torture Miguel to extract information about the Cartel out of him. During Asuka's last mission for Claude (S.A.M.), Catalina kills Asuka and Miguel so she can kidnap Maria Latore. Claude finds a ransom note left by Catalina, which was attached to Miguel's dead body (which was impaled on a contrustion pole). Maria is later rescued and even possibly killed by Claude.

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