Michelle Stone is a supporting character in Sibling Rivalries. She was the girlfriend of Patrick McReary.

Packie and Michelle broke up during the comic "One Tough Break-Up", but they got back together at the end of the comic. However they broke up again during their seventh grade year, this time not getting back together. Due to this, Michelle does not appear in Sibling Rivalries: The Next Chapter at all, although she is mentioned several times.


Michelle wears a striped jacket and normal uncolored pants. Her hair is almost similar to Joel Gonzales and Eric Serrato's.


Sibling Rivalries Pre-Series


Sibling Rivalries Main Series (Season 1)
Sibling Rivalries Main Series (Season 2)
Sibling Rivalries Main Series (Season 3)
Sibling Rivalries Main Series (Season 4)
Sibling Rivalries Main Series (Season 5)

Total Number of Series Appearances: 11/45


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