MetroBank logo
Name: MetroBank
Tagline(s): "Investing in your future"
Type: Bank
Owner: Chad Morris
Appearance(s): GTA Expanded Universe
Locations: Bullworth

MetroBank is a small banking corporation featured in the GTA Expanded Universe. It is based in the city of Bullworth where it operates a corporate headquarters and its flagship commercial bank. It also operates banks in Bullworth, Penacook, Everett, Woodbury and Whitmore. 

It offers an extensive range of financial services to its account holders. It's services include personal loans, investment advice, financial trust management, business and home loans as well as general bank services. It operates branded ATM machines and provides branded bank cards for a small annual fee. MetroBank uses branded debit and credit cards which are operated using the Fleeca system. It was founded as a single bank by Chad Morris who tirelesly built it into a regional banking chain over the course of many years. It owns the naming rights to Morris Field in Bullworth which it named after its founder and owner.

Locations Edit

  • 112 Revere Street, Bullworth
  • 04 Carlton Promenade, Bullworth
  • 262 Franklin Avenue, Penacook
  • 030 Jefferson Parkway, Penacook
  • 63 Adams Street, Everett
  • 89 Hamilton Street Everett
  • 227 Lincoln Road, Whitmore
  • 424 Samuel Adams Parkway, Whitmore
  • 011 Broadwalk Terrace, Woodbury
  • 09 Burr Road, Lowell


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