Meet the Saviour is the third mission in Grand Theft Friendships given to protagonist Dimitri Rascalov by D'Angelo Magana.


Dimitri goes to D'Angelo asking for the money he promised to give him. Just as D'Angelo gives Dimitri the money, Dimitri is distracted by a 7th Grader (Salvador Real Arrayga). Dimitri is clearly attracted to him, and decides to find out more about him.


Go and follow the 7th Grader to his classroom, but do not let him know you are following him. When Salvador gets to the classroom, a cutscene will play. Dimitri pulls out a notepad and pen, and writes down some stuff Salvador's teacher tells Salvador. Dimitri finds out his full name, what grade he is, and his favorite sport, soccer. Dimitri goes to D'Angelo and tells him he likes Salvador, and wants to be friends with him. D'Angelo tells him it might be hard, but Dimitri says he'll go on anyway, but not before getting his payment.


You will get $10 as a reward, and you unlock the next mission The Note....

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