The McReary-Wilson Family Cafe is a restaurant located in Green Bay, Wisconsin that appears as the tertiary setting of Sibling Rivalries, after late Season 4. The café is owned by Maureen McReary-Wilson and her new husband Hector Wilson, which first appeared in the comic "Portrait of a Football Player".

When Maureen is in debt and is in danger of losing her house, she and Hector decide to open a café, since they both like cooking and would like to feed the people of Green Bay. They find a vacant building and decide to create their café inside of it. By the end of the comic, they finish creating their café and officially open it for business.

The café became very popular, and many of the people in Green Bay enjoy going there to eat. In the Season 4 comic "Feeling Peachy", the McReary siblings work at the café when they want to earn enough money to buy the new PeachPhone. They eventually do earn their own phones, which means they made at least $1,500 total in one week. As said by Packie in "Trading Places", the siblings started volunteering at the café regularly after "Feeling Peachy".


It isn't exactly known what Maureen and Hector serve at the café, although in "One Tough Break-Up", Natalie Carson is seen getting a smoothie from Hector. A man in "Feeling Peachy" orders a medium cheeseburger with a large orange soda.

Known CustomersEdit


  • The cafe is similar to the Java Lava Coffee House, a coffeehouse owned by the Finster Family that appeared in the hit Nickelodeon series Rugrats and its spinoff series All Grown Up!.


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Sibling Rivalries Main Series

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