Maria Arrayga-Tena
Full Name
Maria Arrayga-Tena
Male Human (Mexican)
Date of Birth/Current Age as of 2013
Born in the 1970's or 1980's (30-40 years old)
Place of Birth/Current Residence
Born in Mexico City, Mexico; Currently resides in Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States of America
Interests, Friends, and Enemies
Interests currently unknown
Maureen McReary-Wilson
Hector Wilson
No enemies shown
Currently unknown
Family Members
Cesar Tena (husband)
Salvador Real (son)
Eduardo Tena (step-son)
Claude Tena (step-son)
First Appearance
Sibling Rivalries: Salvador Real's Adventures (unseen speaking cameo)
"Best Frenemies" (first appearance in Sibling Rivalries)

Maria Arrayga-Tena is a minor, unseen character in Sibling Rivalries: Salvador Real's Adventures and Sibling Rivalries: The Introduction. She will physically appear as a minor character in Season 5 of Sibling Rivalries.

Maria is the single mother of Salvador Real, who never physically appeared in the prequels, but had a small speaking role. It is unknown where Salvador's father is, which could mean he and Maria are separated. Maria would appear for the first time in the main series comic "Best Frenemies", where it is revealed that she has been dating Cesar Tena (the father of Salvador's best friends, Eduardo and Claude) for nearly two years as of January 2016.

The sub-plot of the aforementioned comic involves Maria and Cesar's relationship. They love each other so much that they get married at the end of the comic. Maria gains custody of Cesar's sons (Eduardo and Claude), and Cesar gains custody of Maria's only son Salvador.


Sibling Rivalries Pre-Series
Sibling Rivalries Main Series


  • Maria (in SR: SRA) is similar to Mrs. Wolowitz (who is now deceased) and Ma Cipriani, the mothers of Howard Wolowitz of The Big Bang Theory and Toni Cipriani of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, respectively. All three mothers are never seen (except Mrs. Wolowitz, who makes a brief cameo twice in the series), and only talk to their sons off-screen.
  • She does not seem to care much about what her son does in SR: SRA, seeing that she let Salvador travel with his friends across the city (possibly) without permission.
  • Maria is similar to Mr. Guillen, as both characters never appeared physically in SR: SRA, but had minor speaking roles. The characters would later physically appear in the main series, with their spouses being revealed (Mrs. Guillen is Mr. G's wife, and Cesar Tena is Maria's boyfriend, who has been dating her since 2014, and eventually married her in 2016).

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