is a main character that will appear in an upcoming fanfic by Vince.

She is a main character in Hata Kenjiro's Hayate The Combat Butler! manga and anime series.


She is the character with the most common sense excluding the fact that her sense of value in money is as bad as Nagi's. She appears to be the one in charge of everything in Nagi's manor since everyone from the head butler to the SP either obeys or fears her (or both in some cases). She is highly intelligent, somewhat devious, good at general housework and likes games of all kinds, though she is deathly afraid of cockroaches, for she is Katsaridaphobic. She describes her fear as "the dark life-form that exists in the kitchen and other places". She is also capable of self-defense techniques in times of need. She is, however, poor at disguises, as seen multiple times when she tries to spy on Hayate and Nagi, and is recognized instantly.

Maria also placed her mark in Hakuo Academy by being the youngest student council president at the age of 10 in her first year. She is one of the only people mentioned to be smarter than Nagi, this being the reason why Nagi made Maria her only maid. She started off as Nagi's tutor. Despite being highly intelligent, she has no clue about "normal life" (for instance, she didn't know that there are other trains besides bullet trains).

While less obvious than Hinagiku, Athena and Nagi, Maria has shown progressively increasing signs of love towards Hayate and is often seen blushing while "scolding" him. Another proof of this is shown in the omake in Volume 14, when Maria planned to give Hayate a White Day gift and accidentally said she likes him while practicing. Due to this terrible embarrassment, she refused to admit it when Hayate heard it from her and she said that she was planning to give the gift to Shiranui.


Maria has long brown hair which is tied in a ponytail and clipped when she is working, bangs, with one long strand of wavy hair in the middle of her face, and red eyes. She is mostly seen wearing a maid uniform. During days when she is not working, she wears modern clothes (which rarely ever happens).

Maria also apparently gives off a very unusual aura, specifically around men in which they immediately find her to be a "cute maid" upon first glance, regardless of what she wears.
An example of jealousy

An example of the effect Maria unknowingly has

This is evidenced by when Gouji Ashibashi, upon first noticing her, immediately asked her to marry him, which he immediately regretted doing after being convinced by Hayate that Maria was a "trap", much to her annoyance and anger towards Hayate, later chastising him for it. Another was on her third date with Hayate, in which the men around them began to secretly, in their thoughts, envy Hayate for being with her, with some even going so far as wanting to take her immediately away from him (some even deeming Hayate as a "useless chump").


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