Marco Forelli in GTA San Andreas

"Marco Forelli, I'm here for you!"
Carl Johnson to Marco Forelli, a line that was cut during development

Marco Forelli is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He does not have a voice actor, as he does not speak in the game. Marco, in 1992, became the leader of the Forelli Crime Family after Sonny Forelli's death during GTA Vice City in 1986. Salvatore Leone sends Carl "CJ" Johnson on a mission to Liberty City to kill Marco and his Forelli goons. 

Marco Forelli's name is not ever said in-game so he remains unnamed, although his name can be found in the game files.


  • GTA Nerd paid tribute to Marco Forelli in the Sibling Rivalries franchise, by naming one of the characters Marco and another Forelli.
  • Antonio Caiviano, current don of the Ancelotti Family, refers to Marco and the Forelli Family. He briefly mentions them as one of the mafia families that did not survive the Sicilian Mafia's reformation of the American Mafia. It is revealed that years of wars with other families and an overpopulation of mafia families in Liberty City sealed their doom. They were a family deemed worthy enough to warrant a take-over by the Ancelotti Family but were instead obliterated by the Pavano Family.