Marc Forelli

Marc Forelli is a minor character in Sibling Rivalries: Salvador Real's Adventures and Sibling Rivalries: Vancouver Stories.

Marc is a shy, quiet boy who was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. In 2011, he joined the Vancouver Vultures football team, playing an unknown position. In SR: VS, Marc only appeared in two comic panels, the first near the beginning when Esteven Caballero shoves him and #6 out of the way to get to Jason Parker, and the second being near the end when he, along with several other players, are excited to see Jason back on the team after being kicked off several weeks before. In both of these scenes, he only appeared in a silent cameo (although he may have talked in the second scene; see Trivia below).

It is shown a year later (in SR: SRA, circa 2012) that Marc is still a member on the team. However, his position remains unknown in this comic as well. Marc only appeared in one panel, with only his back being visible. However, the back of his jersey reads "Forelli", confirming this is the same character as the one in VS.


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  • Marc's first name was never revealed in any comic; it was confirmed by GTA Nerd.
  • His name is a reference to Marco Forelli.
  • Although Marc does not have a speaking role in VS, in one scene where there was a crowd of football players (with Marc in the panel) and the speech bubble read "(Everyone) Hooray, Jason Parker is back!!". Since Marc's mouth was open in the scene along with everybody else, this could possibly be counted as the only time he speaks throughout the entire SR franchise.