Luger Sternbolt
Full name: Luger Sternbolt
Also known as: Halo 2 (pilot callsign)
Gender: Male
Place of birth: Dantooine, Outer Rim
Home: Dantooine, Outer Rim
Nationality: Human
Family: Unknown Arrunian ancestors
Main Affiliation: New Republic
Weapons: A280C blaster rifle (early to mid-expedition)
EE-3 carbine rifle (mid-expedition onwards)
SE-14C blaster pistol (sidearm)
Vehicle(s): T-65B X-wing starfighter

Luger Sternbolt is a human male hailing from the planet of Dantooine. He is the main protagonist of Battlefront: Gate to the New World.

Originally a starfighter pilot of the New Republic, he became part of the New Republic Special Forces after a discovery of a new planet via a hypergate on Endor.


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