Lucia in 2277

Lucia Mayfield, formerly known as Lucy in Little Lamplight, is a resident of Megaton in 2287. She was born in 2266 and grew up as a highly active member of the underground child-run society. At a young age she showed promising medical talent and received a range of basic medical training to prepare her to eventually serve as a replacement doctor for Red.

During her childhood in the underground cavern she harboured a secret dislike for the way of life in the community and its traditions but kept her misgivings to herself. She served as a skilled amateur doctor taking care of the needs of her fellow Little Lamplighters with a gentle and caring attitude. She didn't resist her expulsion from the cavern-turned-village in 2282 and voluntarily made her way out into Capital Wasteland.

Adult Life Edit

Arrival in Megaton Edit

After voluntarily leaving Little Lamplight, knowing that there was no use in resisting, Lucia made her way to Megaton where she took up residence in an abandoned shack. She continued her medical studies under Doc Church and soon became a capable doctor acting as his assistant. She refused to believe the myths about Big Town dismissing them as little more than fanciful stories told to the little children to make them feel better about their impending expulsion from the community.

Instead, she remained in Megaton for a number of years furthering her medical education by eagerly reading and absorbing every medical textbook she could find or buy from the scavengers. She soon became a highly talented doctor and used her medical skills to save the lives of many of Megaton's residents earning her immense respect in the community. She eventually succeeded Doc Church as the doctor in residence for Megaton taking over his clinic when he retired. In an effort at improving her ability to tend to the medical needs of Megaton's residents Lucia hired a scavenger to bring her any medical textbooks, supplies and hardware he could find. She expanded her clinic's surgery room to allow her to host more patients and added extra storage for medical supplies.

Deeply committed to her new home she has resolved to stay in Megaton. Over the years since her arrival she has turned the once rundown abandoned shack into a comfortable home complete with a Miss Nanny saved from the wasteland. She has affectionately named her Miss Nanny "Martha" and uses it as both a household servant and a confidant. In an effort at providing for the future Lucia has taken a young boy and girl from Megaton as assistants in her clinic.

Chosen Name Edit

Upon being expelled from Little Lamplight following the customary tradition Lucia adopted a surname. She chose the surname "Mayfield" after discovering it in a worn medical journal she stumbled across while scavenging. To this day, she explains that the name resonated with her on a very deep level so she decided to take it as her own. She admits that she doesn't know why it had such a strong impact on her but finds that it fits her perfectly.

Trivia Edit

  • Lucia, and the image used to portray her, remains the sole property of Bethseda Game Studios. This article exists solely as a work of fan-fiction intended to continue the story of the character after the events of Fallout 3.
  • Lucia offers free medical care to the children of Megaton in order to ensure that the youngest and most vulnerable residents are properly cared for.

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