Love Live! The School Idol Project is a story written by Red Tiger. It is a retelling of the original Love Live! School idol project series, borrowing elements from the multimedia franchise's different stories for each of the characters in his own version.

The story follows a group of school idols, primarily a girl named Honoka Kousaka, and their story from becoming ordinary school girls to being one of the greatest school idols ever.


Meet Honoka Kousaka, a 15 years old freshman at Otonokizaka High School. Just your ordinary high school girl, Honoka's life makes an exciting turn when she learns about school idols and their growing popularity worldwide. Her astonishment for this gives her the idea to try and become one herself.

Inviting her childhood best friend, Kotori Minami, to join her, the two set off to form their very own school idol group... but will this idea be really good or will it turn out to be a mistake?


On a bright and sunny day, it is the beginning of the new school year for every student in Tokyo. At a candy store in the suburban district of the city, one girl ends up oversleeping and is woken up by her sister.

"Uwaa! I'm late for my first day!!", she screams.

Frantic that she just overslept on her first day, this girl with orange hair, blue eyes yet very ditzy begins to hurriedly get ready. She runs down their stairs in her school uniform but falls down. She gets up and runs outside, heading towards her school. Crossing the streets, through the busy district of Akihabara and finally running up the steps toward her school, this girl reaches her destination.

"Uwa... I made it! I'm finally...", the girl says as she looks at the sight of her new school. "... I'm finally... a high schooler...", she adds. As she looks in awe and excitement at the different students going inside their school, she finally screams at the top of her lungs in enthusiasm. "at... OTONOKIZAKA HIGH!!", catching the attention of a dozen other students. The girl then excitedly rushes inside her new school, with a smile that shows her delight of starting her new high school life.

Otonokizaka High. A traditional high school with a very long history. Located between Tokyo's Akihabara district and the neighborhood of Jinbouchou, it is an all female high school dedicated to helping prepare its students of what future awaits them. It is one of the top high schools in Japan... or it used to. Despite having had a well-known name for it across most of Japan in the previous years... Otonokizaka has begun to slowly fall due to its decreasing students over the years caused by the changes of time and declining birth rates of Japan itself, most of the "would-be" applicants have enrolled at other high schools. Coupled with the ongoing rumor that the school is said to be abolished in the coming years and the emergence of more prestigious high schools... Otonokizaka High is nearing to face a situation that will decide its fate, both for itself and its students.

The story of Honoka Kōsaka and her soon-to-be dream begins...!!

Running to the entrance of her new high school, Honoka starts to take in excitement over her new surrounding: the school she has very much wanted to become a student of since she was a child. The energetic girl runs along the corridors, hallways and even checks out each classroom out of curiosity and eagerness. As she runs along, Honoka wonders where her classroom is, having forgotten due to her own excitement.

"Honoka-chan!", a familiar cute voice calls out to her. Honoka turns around and sees her best friend, the sweet, light brown haired Kotori Minami.

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Main Characters:Edit

  • Honoka Kōsaka - The main protagonist of the story. An optimistic girl who is never afraid to take risks, Honoka is always in a good mood and likes to always think of the brighter side of things, even at really sad times. She is very determined, as whatever becomes set in her mind, almost nothing can stop her, however this is also her own flaw as she can end up overexerting herself.
  • Kotori Minami - Honoka's childhood friend and one of her best friends. Kotori is a very nice girl and is very supportive of her friends, especially Honoka. Although she is sometimes an airhead and is quite indecisive when it comes to certain things that she must decide for herself. She is very good at drawing and has a dream of becoming a fashion designer one day. Her mother is the chairman of Otonokizaka High.
  • Umi Sonoda - Honoka's classmate. Umi is mostly reserved, does not do anything remotely bad and despises laziness. She is calm and collected and is one to always think things logically, giving her the quality of a leader which earned her the position as the class representative of her, Honoka and Kotori's class. However, she is quite shy and gets easily embarrassed by things she finds uncomfortable.
  • Maki Nishikino - A senior middle school girl who has an aspiring talent in composing music. Maki is a girl who has a very hard time admitting her feelings in front of her peers, causing some to think of her as a tsundere. Although she acts and looks mature, she holds a couple of childish beliefs and is rather stubborn. Maki is shown to be a loner, as she prefers spending her time by herself rather than talking and hanging out with her classmates.
  • Hanayo Koizumi - A very timid girl who wears glasses. Hanayo is a very reserved girl who can not usually voice out her opinions to others and is mostly quiet. Because of this, she often asks her best friend Rin to make decisions for her. She is easily afraid of scary things and often gets upset when things look bad for her and her friends. Hanayo has a very high passion for school idols and is relatively enthusiastic about them.
  • Rin Hoshizora - A very energetic, tomboyish girl and Hanayo's best friend. Rin is very active and hard-working and one to always cheer her friends on. When she gets determined to put her mind on something, she never gives up on it, but she can be very mindful of others' opinions when it comes to a certain matter. Rin also seems to have a love for cats as she very often ends her sentences with "nya~" ("meow" in English).
  • Eli Ayase - The student council president of Otonokizaka High. Although she is seen as a perfect role model for the students at their school, Eli is shown to be cold and strict as the student council president due to her responsibilities. She is highly respected and well-known among the students of Otonokizaka, but she is skeptical of others' actions, regardless if they are of good intentions. Despite being one of Honoka's childhood friends, Eli and Honoka often clash due to their contrasting personalities which has begun to greatly strain their friendship.
  • Nozomi Tōjō - The student council vice president and Eli's close friend. Unlike Eli, Nozomi is very kind and often gives out wisdom to her peers, even toward her juniors at Otonokizaka, and is one to always see the best in them, regardless of the difficulties they must face. She often carries with her a set of tarot cards and is very good with her fortune-telling skills.
  • Nico Yazawa - An abrasive student who is said to be a former school idol for Honoka's school. Nico comes off as an immature high school girl who bears an egocentric attitude, always thinking of herself as the better person among others and is very stubborn when it comes to her hobby of school idols. She gets easily annoyed at others, especially if they end up ignoring her. Nico considers Eli her rival, due to her claiming that the latter is always taking the spotlight away from her due to her beauty and maturity, something which always annoys her.

Other Characters:Edit

  • Tsubasa Kira - The student council president of UTX High School and the leader of Japan's top school idol, A-RISE.
  • Anju Yuuki - A student from UTX High School and a member of A-RISE.
  • Erena Toudou - A student from UTX High School and a member of A-RISE.

Differences from the Main FranchiseEdit

  • Unlike the original franchise, Honoka, Umi and Kotori's days as first years, as well as Nico, Nozomi and Eli's days as second years are explored in this story. This also goes the same for Maki, Hanayo and Rin's days as middle schoolers prior to enrolling at Otonokizaka High.
  • Maki is offered by Honoka to join her, Kotori and Umi for their first concert and she does join them on-stage as they perform "START:DASH!!". In the original, specifically the anime, she was offered this but did not join the three on-stage.
    • Additionally, she becomes the (unofficial) fourth member of the School Idol Club instead of Hanayo.
  • In the original franchise, Honoka and Kotori are childhood friends, and others included Umi into this. However, in this story, only Honoka, Kotori and Eli are childhood friends while Umi was never a part of it.
  • Each of the girls, sans Honoka and Kotori, give their own personal reasons as to why they chose to enroll in Otonokizaka High. They never did this in the original media franchise.
  • Honoka, Umi, Kotori and Maki perform "Kitto Seishun ga Kikoeru", "Snow halation" and "Bokura wa Ima no Naka de" by themselves at the beginning. In the original anime, all three songs were performed by all nine members together (not counting Solo Live versions).


  • The story will borrow elements from the drama CDs, anime, manga and light novel series. It will also incorporate all of the songs into the story.

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