Logan Davis
Logan in 2008
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned

Episodes from San Andreas: Brotherhood Rising

Full name: Logan Davis
Also known as: Mr. Davis
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1979 (aged 34)
Place of birth: Liberty City, Liberty
Home: Colinas, San Andreas
Nationality: American
Main Affiliation: The Lost MC (formerly)
Devils Chosen MC
Angus Martin
Isaac Hayes
Weapons: Pistol
Vehicle(s): Red Hexer

Logan "Sticks" Davis is a prominent character in the GTA Expanded Universe, who appears as a supporting character in The Lost and Damned and as a primary deuteragonist in Brotherhood Rising. He appears as a senior patched member of The Lost MC Blaine County chapter who defects to the Devils Chosen MC.

He is the Vice-President of the Los Santos chapter of the Devils Chosen MC and a close personal friend of Angus Martin. Logan is the first to voice his support for Angus when The Lost MC betrays him and defects with him to form the Devils Chosen MC. Due to his status as a founding member Logan is held in high regard among patched members and prospects alike.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Logan was born in 1979 in Broker, Liberty City. He grew up as the only child of biker parents and was introduced to the motorcycle club lifestyle at a young age. As a boy he often ran errands for the Broker chapter of The Lost MC and was often called upon to smuggle drugs in the belief that the LCPD wouldn't suspect a child.

He attended Schottler Elementary School from the age of five where he received the state mandated education in order to keep child protective services at bay. He also briefly attended South Broker High School but dropped out in his junior year after getting into several fights.

At the age of twenty three Logan became a prospect for the The Lost MC Broker chapter. His friendship with one of the patched members and his familial ties to the club helped him earn the immediate trust of the chapter as a whole. He credits his dropping out of high school and his troubled childhood as the moments that set him on the path to life as an outlaw biker.

Adult Life Edit

Logan officially become a patched member of The Lost MC Broker chapter in 2003. He soon took an active role in club activities proving himself to be a ruthless enforcer and a capable chapter member. Over the course of the next four years he ruthlessly took care of club business, attended several club runs and generally devoted himself to the needs of his chapter. In 2008, a bloody civil war broke out in the Alderney City chapter of The Lost MC fought between Vice-President Johnny Klebitz backed by his supporters and the supporters of the incarcerated corrupt chapter President Billy Grey.

Although the Broker chapter remained neutral in the civil war Logan voiced his support for Johnny. In a gesture of support for the embattled Alderney City Chapter Vice-President, and because of a strong dislike for Billy, Logan attempted to persuade the ranking officers of his chapter to support Johnny. At the end of the civil war, dissatisfied with his chapter's inability to see that Billy was corrupt, Logan rode to Los Santos with the shattered remnants of the Alderney City chapter.

In early 2009, Logan transferred to the newly formed The Lost MC Blaine County chapter and once again became a highly active member. He was voted in as Sergeant-at-Arms and quickly became one of Johnny's most loyal supporters. During these early years he also developed a firm friendship with the chapter Vice-President Angus Martin. The two soon became close friends with Logan lending his support to Angus' efforts to combat the rampant drug abuse that was tearing the chapter apart.

Logan remained loyal to Angus when he was betrayed by The Lost MC. He was injured in the attempt on Angus' life when a stray bullet hit him in the upper arm. In an act of loyalty he pushed Angus out of the line of fire and tipped over a bar table to create shelter from the hail of bullets. He was one of only three members of the chapter who supported Angus as he confronted Johnny in the days after the failed assassination. Infruriated at the blatant act of betrayal Logan spat in Johnny's face and left with Angus to form a new club. He would later urinate on and burn his The Lost MC patch as a gesture of his utter contempt for his traitorous former club.

Patches Edit

Logan's sleeveless leather vest, like any outlaw motorcycle club member's, has a number of patches on it. Below is a list of Angus' patches and what they mean:

  • Vice-President: Signifies that he is the Vice-President of the Colinas chapter. Worn on the left breast of the vest.
  • Colinas: Signifies that he is a member of the Colinas chapter. Worn beneath on the rank patch on the left breast of the vest
  • Sticks: Signifies the "road name" given to him by his chapter. Worn on the right breast of the vest.
  • Ball and chain: Signifies that he has served time for the club. Worn on the right side of the vest collar.
  • Liberty City - Los Santos 2008: Signifies that he rode his motorcycle from Liberty City to Los Santos in 2008.
  • Original: Signifies that he is an original member of the club. Worn on the right side of the vest beneath the road name patch. Accompanied by a commemorative brass badge worn on the upper right breast of the vest.

Criminal Record Edit

San Andreas Criminal Database Record Edit

First Name:Logan
Place of Birth:Broker, Liberty City
  • Senior member of the Colinas chapter of the Devils Chosen Motorcycle Club.
Criminal Record:
  • 2003 - Public Intoxication
  • 2003 - Disorderly Conduct
  • 2005 - Gang Related Violence
  • 2007 - Parole Violation
  • 2011 - Assault
  • Believed to be the Vice-President of the Los Santos chapter of the Devils Chosen MC.
  • Former senior member of the Blaine County chapter of The Lost MC.
  • Former US Army Infantryman who saw active service with the 93rd Infantry Regiment in Colombia. Voluntarily left the army in 1995.
  • Known to have an extensive criminal record. Most recently charged with misdemeanor assault and released in 2011 after serving a total of three months in Del Monte County Jail

Personality Edit

Logan has a deep-seated hatred for snitches and traitors. He is a deeply loyal individual who will go to great lengths to protect those he cares about. This unfailing loyalty also applies to his club with Logan standing as one of the most and dedicated members of the Devils Chosen MC. His personality can be summed up in four words - loyal, intelligent, dedicated and trustworthy. He is always ready to resort to violence to protect himself, those he cares about or to put in work for his club.

In terms of temperament Logan is well-rounded. He can be stern and serious, aggressive and violent, jovial and light-hearted and even genuinely loving depending on the situation. However, he is usually known for a stern and no-nonsense outlaw biker attitude when with his chapter or when acting in an official capacity. He is as dangerous as any biker with a controlled temper that can change instantly.

Logan's favourite radio station is Los Santos Rock Radio, but he is known to also enjoy Rebel Radio and P.M.R.

Trivia Edit

  • The image used to represent Logan, and the character in his original form, remains the property of Rockstar Games. This article exists as a work of fan-fiction intended to continue the story of a character after the events of The Lost and Damned. As a creative work, this article builds on the original character for fan-fiction purposes.
  • Logan earned his nickname when he used a pair of hockey sticks to savagely beat a man who had been refusing to repay his debt to the Devils Chosen MC. His unconventional weapons of choice amused the members of his chapter resulting in his being given the nickname which has become part of his club identity.
  • Angus has personally nominated him as a highly desirable candidate to lead a new chapter. But both Logan, and Angus himself, have expressed a desire to remain with the Colinas chapter. In a mark of respect for his staunchly loyal second-in-command Angus has stated that there is no one he would rather have as his Vice-President. Following on from this mutual respect, Logan and Angus are revealed to be close friends and are frequently seen in each other's company.