Leyton Cole
Full name: Leyton Cole
Also known as: Colinas Ripper
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1962
Date of death: 2011 (aged 49)
Home: Colinas, San Andreas
Leyton Cole, also known as the Colinas Ripper (1962 - 2011), is a deceased character briefly mentioned in the GTA Expanded Universe.

Cole was an extremely psychotic serial killer and rapist who lived in Colinas. He was accused of twelve sadistic murders between 2006 and 2009 (dubbed the Ripper Murders). During the course of an FIB investigation into his grisly activities it was discovered that his victims had been violently raped prior to their deaths.

Background Edit

Very little is known about Leyton's life prior to beginning his grisly killing spree. He grew up on the rural outskirts of Colinas in a single-story ranch-style house under the care of an abusive alcoholic father. At the age of five he began developing psychotic tendencies and his state of mind began to become dangerously unstable. He grew to despise women, an attitude the young boy seems to have learned from his father, and was repeatedly kicked out of school for violently bullying female students.

Authorities failed to recognize these early warning signs and the deeply disturbed Leyton fell through the cracks. In 2004, in an incident that wasn't reported at the time, Leyton got into a violent argument with a female patron at a local bar. In a fit of rage Leyton seized the young woman by the throat and began throttling her only to be interrupted by a group of bar patrons.

In 2006, Cole reached the grisly peak of his psychosis when he raped and then brutally murdered a young female patron at a popular socializing spot on the outskirts of Colinas. He credits this murder for giving him a taste for blood and suffering. Over the course of the next two years he would go on to rape and murder eight more women of varying ages eventually attracting the attention of a specialist FIB task force. He was able to commit three more murders before being captured by an FIB strike team in 2009.

Leyton was found guilty on twelve counts of rape and first degree murder. He was incarcerated in the high security Colinas Valley State Prison in late 2009. He showed a complete lack of remorse for his grisly crimes and openly stated a desire to kill again prompting the Supreme Court of San Andreas to sentence him to death.

Leyton Cole was executed on September 3rd, 2011. He opted for death by toxic gas and was sealed in a gas chamber housed in the lower levels of the prison. His execution, during which he was heard to laugh, was attended by the relatives of his victims and a number of state officials. He was buried in a grave marked only with his inmate serial number in the prison graveyard and his childhood home was demolished to keep it from becoming a cult location.

References in the GTA Expanded Universe Edit

  • In Brotherhood Rising, Angus Martin refers to him as the "biggest piece of s#$t in the history of the county" and "a worthless waste of oxygen". Angus expresses an unbridled hatred for Leyton saying that he would have personally killed him had he had the chance. This hatred is acted on when the club visits the former site of the 'Cole House' to deliberately desecrate the site during which Angus urinates in several places.

Trivia Edit

  • Leyton Cole stands as one of the most sadistic serial killers to ever inhabit Del Monte County. His complete lack of remorse and failure to understand that his actions were pure evil suggest a number of severe mental disorders coupled with his psychosis.
  • He is known to have declined the priest's visit that is traditionally offered to death row inmates on the day of their execution. This suggests a contempt for religion and a belief that he would escape his penalty.
  • A new piece of state legislation was introduced following his death to make psychological tests for children found to be exhibiting signs of psychosis mandatory. His name and any other links to him have been deliberately kept out of the legislation to prevent him getting any posthumous recognition.
  • Leyton stands as the most hated man in Del Monte County with his grave frequently targeted by vandals. Prison security have been forced to tighten security measures in the graveyard to keep these vandals at bay for their own safety, though most of the prison staff agree with them.

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