The Light-powered Energetic Enigma Robot Of Yoythingamajig or simply "LEEROY" is an area-hopping, sentient articificial intelligence test system. He can only appear in areas with an "L Pad" (or a special tablet built into a wall) and is currently not a part of any series and is up for adoption.

Powers and Abilities Edit

LEEROY can easily teleport from one area to another because every L-Pad is connected to an undergrpound filled almost completely with LEEROY's coding, circuit boards, and other mechanical parts. LEEROY can use its digital body to travel using wires from one Pad to another, and can even access anything attached to that wall (something plugged into a socket, for example).

LEEROY is not entirely a robot because he has an ACTUAL HUMAN BRAIN in his code room. This human brain has some parts cropped out, which prevents him from turning on humans and going completely evil, but most of it is the same. This gives him the ability to always respond to humans without any problems due to it actually having a mind of its own and feel emotions, such as happiness, sadness, enthusiasm, anger, and somehow pain.

Scientists have been using LEEROY to make technological advances. In present day, attaching tentacles are being built onto LEEROY by government technicians. These will be used to tap into enemy files and gather information as well as render their gadgets useless.

Personality Edit

"Ooh, what does this button do? Oops! Guess we just found out!"

LEEROY's personality can only be described as a cross between sadistic and a prankster. LEEROY's speech usually comes off as rude and sounds like he couldn't care less for the well being of others. Despite this, he secretly enjoys the company of humans and other species. This is probably because his human brain also allows him to feel loneliness.

It is unknown if LEEROY can be classified as a boy or a girl. Since only the brain is what remains of the former human and his voice is entirely artificial and uttered by a voice box, there is no definitive proof of LEEROY's gender. However, LEEROY is mostly referred to as male due to his masculine nickname and tendency to call some girls "cute." However, there is a near equal chance that LEEROY would be a female. If this were the case though, then his actions would be viewed as...questionable.

Trivia Edit

  • Yoythingamajig is not a real word.

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