Kyoichi Akikawa is the protagonist of Fragment's Note 2 and a major character in Act II of A Different Perspective. He is a year younger than Bobby Topalis, and while he first appears after Bobby moves into the "foster home" where he lives, he gets more involved in the story after he interacts with Yukitsuki Asaka.

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Kyoichi is described as having silverish nose-length hair that often covers his eyes. He's slightly on the taller side - notably, he's somewhat taller than Bobby.

Kyoichi appears somewhat thin, but actually has a decent amount of physical power and muscle.

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Differences from Canon Edit

Though this representation of Kyoichi is mostly based off of him from the Shizuku route of Fragment's Note 2, there are a couple differences in personality.

  • A Different Perspective:
    • Compared to the original, Kyoichi has a slightly more light-hearted personality, especially towards Bobby and Sherman; this is mainly thanks to the fact that he has already gotten over his trauma. This is most present in his teasing remarks after Sherman carries Bobby bridal-style into the hallway.
    • In general, Kyoichi is also a bit more prone to losing his cool in the fanfiction. This is mainly thanks to Sherman Tendo "forcefully" recruiting him into the Pervert Squad, leading to more remarks from his friends about his covert pervert side.
    • In the fanfiction, Kyoichi and his adopted sister Shizuku have already resolved their traumas. Despite this, Kyoichi secretly worries about Shizuku having a "relapse" due to the presence of the others' emotional traumas, which often reminds him of his own past. This disturbs him to such an extent that he is hesitant to admit his own feelings for her.
  • Silver Blizzard:
    • In the original, on the tenth "anniversary" of the plane crash, Kyoichi rescues Yukitsuki from collapsing in the street while on a shopping date with Tsukasa. Since Yukitsuki is in America rather than Japan in Silver Blizzard, Kyoichi does not meet her, and as such spends the evening visiting his family's graves with Kazuha and Shizuku instead of at the hospital. Coincidentally, he runs into the Tendo twins there as well.

Trivia Edit

  • Compared to the rest of the cast, Kyoichi has the most toned body.