Kotori Minami

Kotori, wearing her "Bokura wa Ima no Naka de" outfit.

Kotori Minami is a 15-years old high school girl and is Honoka's best friend back in their childhood. She is a freshman, alongside Honoka, at Otonokizaka High. Her mother is the head chairman of the school.


Kotori has long light brown hair which she has in a peculiar hair style. The right side of her hair she keeps tied slightly upward usually with a green hair ribbon, similar to Honoka's. She has another layer of hair on top, coming from the side that she keeps tied up, though this layer being small. She has amber eyes, albeit a bit lighter.


Although sometimes having her head in the air, Kotori is a very nice and supportive girl who always tries her best to support her friends and genuinely cares about them, especially her childhood best friend, Honoka. She has a genuinely high empathy towards others, always considering their feelings over her own, notably always backing Honoka up whenever she does something, which can also be her own flaw as she may not be able to voice out her own feelings and make her own decisions for herself which has resulted in her becoming quite indecisive and dependent on Honoka for most of the time or with her mother to help her out.


Kotori's mother is the chairwoman of the previously well-known Otonokizaka Girls' Private High School, however the status of her father is unknown.

She is neighbors Honoka Kōsaka, whom she has grown up with and is her childhood best friend. She also grew up with Eli Ayase, whom she and Honoka met and became close friends with. Later, the three would meet and befriend a timid boy who they used to call by the nickname of "Kio", the boy who Kotori had a little sister-big brother bond with. However, sometime later, "Kio" and his family moved away to Kyoto. Though Kotori still keeps in contact with him by sending him messages through the mail.


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  • Kotori's name means "little bird" in Japanese.

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