Kira Kirasusume (キラススメ キイラ) is Akiro's classmate and next door neighbor and one of his only known close friends.


Kira is an energetic girl with long light blue hair, which she keeps tied to the left in a slightly side tail fashion. She has blue eyes, which matches the color of her hair. Among her best friends, Akiro and Ken, she is the smallest between them.


Kira is a cheerful and bright girl. She displays a lot of positivity in her every outlook and always carries an optimistic level of thought with her and tries as much to support those around her in their endeavor, no matter what it may be as she will lend a helping hand, as she always help those in need even if they are strangers to her. She is very kind and charitable.

Kira likes encouraging others to do their very best and to not give up until the very end. An example of this is her trying to help Akiro become more open to other people with little by little success on this. She gets easily annoyed at things she deems unfair, such as underhanded tactics or, to be precise, anything relating to cheating, as she sees those who do such a thing as having no sense of fair play and honor and are putting the efforts others do as worthless. Kira has a fear of deep bodies of water and lightning storms due to an incident back in her childhood when she was swept away during a flood and nearly drowned but was saved by Akiro, despite the boy suffering injuries of his own during this and nearly drowning himself. Regarding Akiro, Kira has had a crush on him since, though her wish to help him become more open had started even before this during the time they first met. She gets jealous whenever Akiro gets too close with another girl, either pinching or poking him to get his attention back or just immediately cling to him. Kira is also playful which may sometimes make her come off as being childish despite her mature level of thinking.

One of her most distinguish characteristics is her cheery smile and habit of raising a peace sign after each accomplishment she or any of her friends have done, but also doing so as a supportive gesture to help encourage them.


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