"It mightn't be as fancy as those houses in Megaton but this place is home. But I don't need to live in some flashy mansion. Its big enough and has every homely comfort I could need."
―Evan commenting on his house
The King Residence is a location in Arefu. It is the personal residence of Evan King with the added function of serving as his informal mayor's office. The two-story home is the largest building in the tiny farming hamlet and is located at the very heart of Arefu. Built from scavenged materials topped with a rusted corrugated iron roof it closely resembles the wasteland shacks found in the Capital Wasteland.

Layout Edit

The medium sized two-story home is divided into an upper floor and a ground floor. The ground floor is divided into a makeshift mayoral office, a kitchen area and a lounge. The mayoral office features a scavenged wooden desk complete with a leather chair and a desk fan powered by Evan's generator. A dirty couch is positioned along the left wall with a coffee table to provide guest seating. The kitchen features a scavenged refrigerator, an improvised cooking station and an old worn bookcase acting as a food storage area. The lounge is decorated with a worn couch and coffee table scavenged from the wasteland and a non-functioning television.

The second floor is much smaller than the ground floor. It consists of a single room accessed by a set of stairs and a landing. This floor houses Evan's bedroom decorated with a single bed salvaged from the ruins of the old Arefu and very little else. A worn cabinet is positioned against the far wall serving as a storage container for Evan's clothing and assorted belongings.

Inhabitants Edit

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