Ken Tyrone Carlson is a 15-years old high school student at Tochinogiri High School and Akiro's best friend.


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A very nice and thoughtful guy, Ken is the kind of person who thinks of others more than he thinks of himself and always happy to show his support to any of his friends in whatever matter they have to go through.

He has a love for the wilder side of things, always wanting to go on an adventure to the point that he tries to make the most out of any thing he is in, such as when he first met Akiro, he invited, albeit persistently, him to ride down a hill on a cardboard box with wheels on it. Predictably, he never thinks things through, as almost every single one of his stunts ends up in him getting comically injured and anyone else, mostly Akiro, going through the same thing, though he still displays his excitement even after such a thing. He greatly cares about the people around him and is willing to do anything to help them out, one major case being him wanting to help Akiro to be more friendly and sociable with other people apart from him and Kira. Ken has the tendency to make witty one-liners every now and then, especially if he (thinks) has done something amazing. He is foolhardy at best, but naive at worst, but this never stops him from doing what he wants to do with his time.

Between him, Akiro and Kira, Ken is the most athletic of the three due to being a part of every sport-related club since grade school, his most favorite being hockey. Much like Akiro, Ken is very observant of other people and can tell if someone is telling the truth or not and be able to pick up on their feelings right away once he gets a clue on their behavior.


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Albreah Carlson:Edit

Ken's mother.


Akiro Akabane:Edit

Ken's best friend.


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