Kate McReary

Kate McReary is the beautiful girlfriend of Niko Bellic, and a main character in Grand Theft Auto IV. She and Patrick McReary are the youngest in their family. Kate is also the only female sibling in her family.


Kate's fate depends on the player's descision and which ending of GTA IV he/she chooses.

Deal EndingEdit

Kate is unharmed in this ending. She feels bad for Niko after the death of Roman. She tells Niko that she will be there for him, no matter what.

Revenge EndingEdit

Kate is happy that Niko finally killed Dimitri Rascalov, and she comes with Niko to Roman's wedding (She refused to go in Deal). After seeing Roman and Mallorie Bardas get married, across the street, Jimmy Pegorino is angry that Niko refused to do the deal and instead killed Dimitri. He fires a gun, which accidently killed Kate. Niko is not happy, and kills Pegorino in retailation. (Note: Choose Revenge since it's a happier ending and it would be TERRIBLE to see Roman die.)