Kate's Mini-Adventure is a short film starring Kate McReary. It is shown during the previews for The Day That the Peanut Butter ran out.


(Kate is walking in Liberty City. Dimitri Rascalov runs up to her.)

  • Dimitri: Hello, lady.
  • Kate: Who are you?
  • Dimitri: The name's Dimitri Rascalov. Will you do me a favor?
  • Kate: Ok. Make it quick, cause I got a date with Niko Bellic.
  • Dimitri's Thoughts: Perfect! She'll never know what she's in for!
  • Dimitri: Go to Berchem in Alderney. There's a package I want you to get for me. I'll pay you $100.
  • Kate: Mmm.. okay. Seems fair. I'll go right away.
  • Dimitri: Thanks.

(While Kate goes, Dimitri goes to Niko's house, and KIDNAPS Niko! 3 hours later, Kate reaches Berchem.)

  • Kate (Panting): Man! I shouldn't have walked here. Hey... there's no package here. DIMITRI!

(Kate sees Dimitri pass by in a white Stretch. She sees Niko tied up in the back.)

  • Kate: Niko! Hang on, I'm coming!

(Kate finds a nearby Hexer, and chases Dimitri on it.)

  • Niko (With a gag in his mouth): Kay! Hell me!
  • Kate: Hang on, Niko!
  • Dimitri (Sees Kate in his mirror): Shoot! Gotta go faster and lose this girl!
  • Kate: Not today, Rascalov!

(Kate breaks the window with her elbow as she passes by, and knocks out Dimitri. The Stretch stops. Niko gets out.)

  • Niko: Kay! I knew you come rescue me!
  • Kate: No prob, Niko. (Unties Niko. They walk into the sunset, holding hands.)


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