Kaguya Yamai
Kanji 八舞 耶倶矢
Romaji Yamai Kaguya
Gender Female
Species Human (Formerly)
Hair Color Orange
Eye Color Blue
  • Berserk
  • The Children of Typhoon (along with Yuzuru)
Personal Status
  • Raizen High School
  • Ratatoskr
Occupation Students
Rank AAA-Class Spirit(s)
Novel Debut Date A Live: Volume 5 - Yamai Tempest
Anime Debut Episode 13 (Cameo)
Date A Live Ⅱ: Episode 2 (Actual Appearance)
Japanese Maaya Uchida
English Brittney Karbowski

Kaguya Yamai is a character that will be featured in the fanfic, Date A Live: Inverse Overload, written by Vince.

Kaguya is a spirit along her twin sister, Yuzuru, codenamed <Berserk> and is one of the main characters in the Date A Live series.

In Date A Live, she, along her twin sister, Yuzuru, is the fifth spirit to appear in the series and the fourth, along with Yuzuru, to be sealed by Shido.


She has "a characteristically delicate body that looked like it would break if hugged too tightly" as described by Shido. Her hair is braided up and she has a lean figure. She has a determined expression for most of the time.

Kaguya's Astral Dress is mainly the color purple and has chains on her right hand and foot. The lower half of her body has a half skirt around her waist which drops to the knees and opens around her thighs. Kaguya's height is stated to be 157cm.


Outgoing and out-spoken, one can say that she is childish or immature. Kaguya often speaks rather unrealistically, as if she is acting. It is later revealed that it really is acting. Kaguya believes she must speak like this because she is a Spirit, and therefore "super awesome", and therefore must act appropriately.


Yamai Tempest:Edit

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Miku Lily:Edit

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Miku Truth:Edit

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Natsumi Search:Edit

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Natsumi Change:Edit

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Tobiichi Angel:Edit

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Tobiichi Devil:Edit

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Itsuka Disaster:Edit

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Nia Creation:Edit

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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Angel: Raphael

Astral Dress: Elohim Tzabaoth


  • Combined: Bow and Arrow
    • Kaguya: Lance


  • Kaguya: El Re'em
  • Combination Attack: El Kanaph

Both of the Yamai Sisters, despite using different weapons; have the power to manipulate wind. They can gracefully control the air currents in order to glide through the sky or create a small typhoon. They also have shown to be able to combine their powers to form a bow and an arrow that is able to pierce through the <Arbatel>.


Light Novel:Edit


Video Games:Edit



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