Joseph Valdez Escobar is a main character in Turner's Second Chance, and the deuteragonist in San Francisco Underground.


Joseph grew up an orphan, with his parents disappearing and never to be found again. He was taken under control of his grandmother Eunice Escobar, a very strict but friendly lady. A while after Eunice became Joseph's guardian, she adopted Carlos Garcia Ventura, another orphan, as well. Technically, that would make Carlos the "uncle" to Joseph, but the boys preferred to be each other's brothers.

The boys grew up in a seedy part of San Francisco, California, although they were protected from any gang activity by Eunice. She took good care of the boys and never let them go anywhere they shouldn't.

Eunice developed Alzheimer's disease in 2010, which affected her brain and caused her to lose control over her boys, often forgetting who they were. Without Eunice to protect the house, Carlos and Joseph were quickly influenced and fell into the life of a teenage delinquent.

By late 2010-early 2011, Carlos and Joseph have formed their own gang, simply titled the "Escobar Gang". The gang became pretty powerful, and Joseph made sure to have only the toughest teenagers be in the gang. During the years, many of the original members left the gang, leaving only two members by 2013: not counting Joseph himself and Carlos, there was Nicolas Lozano Vargas, and Alfonso Torres Cortez. Joseph and Carlos have respect for Nick, but they do not like Alfonso very well, and they suspect something fishy about him.

Events of "San Francisco Underground" (2013)Edit

In 2013, the four members are sophomores and juniors in high school, but they often ditch school to hang out and do other activities. Joseph's main business is drug dealing; he has become affiliated with local drug dealer Alexander Thompson and works for him. In their downtime, the boys enjoy relaxing with marijuana and alcohol, inside of Eunice's basement. Eunice is clueless about the boys' immoral activities and as a result she never questions them about anything.

In September, Joseph hears of a shipment of marijuana coming to San Fransisco by boat, from South America. The marijuana is being delivered to the Jackson Street Boys, an Asian-American gang situated in Chinatown, and was planned to be stolen by the teenage division of the gang, led by Kim Zhan-Lee, a rival of the Escobar Gang. Joseph plans to steal the shipment very early in the morning before Kim's gang has a chance to take it.

The gang goes to the docks in San Francisco when the weed is first being delivered, long before the Jackson Street Boys are supposed to meet to receive the shipment. They successfully steal the weed, but they are caught when the police shows up for reports of illegally smuggled drugs. Joseph is caught and is taken down, while Carlos and Nick escape, and Alfonso disappears a different way.

The "gang" is now down to Carlos and Nick with Joseph incarcerated. Carlos wants Jospeh free, so the two work to find money they could bail out Joseph with. They also have to deal with any attacks that come from their rivals, as well as finding and defeating Alfonso, who has actually been working with the police and ratted them out on the day they stole the marijuna shipment.

Eventually by the end of the storyline, Joseph is released and Alfonso is defeated, but Carlos loses Nick when the latter kills himself due to depression. Carlos and Joseph see that their little gang is down to only them two, and they make the realization that a teenage delinquent lifestyle maybe isn't for them.


Eunice passed away in her sleep sometime in early 2014, so Joseph's uncle Stuart moves to San Francisco to take control of the boys. With his help, the boys start on their path to a normal life, being taken to a reform school which broke the boys from their delinquent habits and turned them into successful, intelligent young men. They become enrolled in college and get their first job when Stuart opens a cafe in North San Francisco (called the Escobar Cafe) and hires Carlos and Joseph to work there.

Sometime during 2014 and 2016, the boys also befriended Jordan Haines.

Events of Turner's Second Chance (2016)Edit

In March 2016, Carlos and Joseph meet Chris Turner and his cousin Hunter Prince after Jordan recommended they go see him, as they may be able to help the boys after they are left jobless.

Stuart runs a local diner in downtown San Francisco, where Carlos and Joseph work at as cashier and cook, respectively. Stuart offers the boys jobs helping out, such as being the waiter or the janitor. They accept this job and they happily help out. They are then paid well.

As a thank you gift, Chris and Hunter are given protection by Carlos and Joseph should any trouble happen, such as if Tristan A. Duran ever finds them. The boys accept the offer and they are then given protection, remaining close friends with Carlos and Joseph by the end of the storyline.

Chapter AppearancesEdit

Turner's Second Chance
Ending A
Ending B
San Francisco Underground



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