Joseph in 2277

Joseph Coleman, formerly known as Joseph in Little Lamplight, is an African-American resident of Rivet City in 2287. He was born in 2262 and grew up in the underground community serving as teacher to the younger children in his last years in the child-run society.

During his time in Little Lamplight the good natured Joseph also acted as a caregiver to the youngest children ensuring that they were always properly fed, clothed and bathed. He soon earned a reputation as the friendliest and most well-mannered resident drawing the immense admiration of his fellow Little Lamplighters. In 2278, despite his best efforts to remain, Joseph was forcibly expelled from Little Lamplight. Forced to leave his little sister Penny behind he wandered out in the relentless Capital Wasteland in search of a new life. He held a bitter grudge against the Little Lamplighters for a number of years and came to deeply regret not fighting harder to stay with his sister.

Adult Life Edit

Wasteland Wanderer Edit

Joseph left Little Lamplight to wander the Capital Wasteland. Losing the only home he'd ever known had a deep impact on him and he threw himself into the life of a wandering scavenger to distract his mind from the memories of those he'd left behind. Believing that he'd never see his sister again he devoted his time to scavenging among the ruins for any useful salvage he could sell. During his time as a scavenger, or scavver to use the derogatory term, he acquired a small collection of educational holo-tapes and teaching material which he eagerly stored in a hidden cache.

Upon discovering that the fabled Big Town utopia was little more than a ramshackle collection of rundown shacks constantly attacked by Super Mutants he left to continued his wanderings. Joseph travelled first to Megaton where he lived briefly before setting off into the Wasteland for the third time. He spent the next four years of his life wandering from place to place eventually succeeding in walking from one end of the Capital Wasteland to the other. Footsore and tired Joseph stumbled into Rivet City one day and never looked back.

Arrival in Rivet City Edit

Joseph stumbled into Rivet City covered in dirt and weak from thirst. He was taken care of at the Rivet City Clinic and provided with a warm meal by St. Monica's Catholic Church. These acts of kindness to a complete stranger had a profound impact on the increasingly disillusioned Joseph who decided that he would stay in Rivet City to repay the kindness shown to him. He arrived in 2283 and soon gained citizenship as a full member of the community. Upon noticing that Rivet City lacked both a teacher and a school Joseph resolved to use his natural teaching ability to give back to his new home.

He approached the Rivet City Council with his idea and was granted a mid-sized storage room to use as his classroom. Joseph hired a scavenger to retrieve his hidden stash of teaching material and set to work outfitting his new school. While setting up his school Joseph met and fell in love with a newly arrived African-American refugee by the name of Emily. The two began a devoted romance which led to a wedding ceremony at St. Monica's Church several years later.

Joseph became a dedicated member of the St. Monica's congregation, along with his wife, playing an active part in church life. He developed a keen interest in Pre-War history and enthusiastically joined the Capital Preservation Society which he would later use as a field trip destination for his students. In 2287, he was finally reunited with his little sister Penelope in a deeply emotional reunion that saw both of them break down in tears. The siblings regained their deep bond with surprising speed and Joseph resolved to help his sister make a life for herself in their new home.

In 2293, Joseph and Emily celebrated the birth of their son Samuel.

Chosen Name Edit

After being forcibly expelled from Little Lamplight in the customary fashion Joseph chose a surname. He discovered the surname "Coleman" hidden in a data file on a computer in the office outside Little Lamplight and took a liking to it. Further investigation of the data file led him to believe that the man to whom it had once belonged had been his father - who had been forced to leave Little Lamplight when he was a tiny baby. He eventually shared this news with his little sister Penelope who also adopted the surname creating a family identity.

Joseph's wife Emily took the surname upon their married and gave it to their son Samuel upon his birth in 2293.

Trivia Edit

  • Joseph and the image of him remain the sole property of Bethesda Game Studios. This page exists as a work of fan-fiction intended to tell his story after the events of Fallout 3.

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