Jordan Haines is one of two tritagonists of Turner's Second Chance. He is one of Hunter Prince's good friends, and, in February 2016, later befriends Hunter's younger cousin Chris Turner. Later in the story, Jordan plays a central role, helping out the cousins after they are fired from their jobs at the Duran Print Works by Tristian A. Duran.

It is unknown where Jordan's parents are, but it is suggested that they abandoned him, since Jordan lives with his uncle Howard and his wife Cheryl in San Francisco. One day, Howard encouraged Jordan to go to a local gym downtown, and ever since Jordan began going there, he has grown a love for working out, and has become quite strong. He is a vegetarian, staying away from meat since he claims it is bad. Jordan is similar to Chris himself, since both work out and are physically tough. Eventually the two begin working out together.

Jordan has a younger sister named Vanessa, who later becomes Chris's love interest, and his future wife.

Chapter AppearancesEdit

Turner's Second Chance
Ending A
Ending B


  • Jordan Haines is the first character in the GTA Nerd Comic Universe to be a known vegetarian.
  • In a way, Jordan is similar to Brucie Kibbutz, a character in GTA IV that is a friend of Roman Bellic, and later befriends protagonist Niko Bellic. Like Brucie, Jordan has a compassion for working out and staying fit. However, unlike Brucie, Jordan does not take steriods.


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