Jonathan Morgan
Appearance(s): Paleto Ranger
Native Son
Full name: Jonathan Morgan
Also known as: Mr. Morgan
Running Wolf
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1968 (aged 45)
Place of birth: Blaine County, San Andreas
Home: Paleto Bay, San Andreas
Nationality: Native American
Family: Aiyana Morgan (wife)
Elan Morgan (son)
Main Affiliation: Raymond Harris
Beeker's Garage
Vehicle(s): Light brown Canis Mesa
"My people have suffered much. Our lands were taken from us long ago and we were scattered to the four winds. But our spirit was never broken."
―Jonathan commenting on the plight of his tribe
Jonathan Morgan, also known as "Running Wolf" is a character in the GTA Expanded Universe. He appears as a supporting character in Paleto Ranger and as the protagonist of Native Son. Born in Paleto Bay he is a now a prominent member of the community.

He is a middle-aged Native American man who belongs to the Abequa tribe from southern Blaine County. He is a highly respected member of the community known for his kindhearted nature. Jonathan, or Running Wolf as he is more commonly known, is deeply proud of his tribal ancestry and cultural heritage to the the extent that he invests significant portions of his free-time to protecting what little remains of his tribe.

Background Edit

Jonathan was born in 1968 in rural Blaine County, San Andreas. Known as Little Bear throughout his childhood he grew up on an informal Abequa Reservation with his parents and elderly grandfather. At a very young age he was taught to honour and protect his tribal heritage by his grandfather. As a boy he spent his days playing in the forests around the makeshift commune with the other children of the tribe and helping out in the communal farms. He was taught to respect "Mother Earth" as a small boy and soon developed stereotypical Native American beliefs.

At the age of fourteen he moved to Paleto Bay with his family after a greedy land developer forced them off their lands. His grandfather immediately fell ill and the moody teenage Jonathan shared his father's belief that the sickness had been caused by the loss of the last small slice of tribal land. The family patriarch eventually died of heart disease and Jonathan grew to resent the "White Man' for his grandfather's suffering. He became restless, impetuous and vengeful with his anger solely directed at at the "White Man" who had made his grandfather sick. It wasn't until his father spoke with him during a hunting trip in Paleto Forest that Jonathan was able to let go of his anger and sadness.

Jonathan spent the rest of his youth in Paleto Bay eventually deciding to remain in the quiet coastal town. He inherited his family home after his parent's died of old age and soon settled into life in Paleto Bay. In an effort at improving himself and his career prospects Jonathan became a qualified mechanic and took a job at a local garage. In 1992 he married a young Native American woman named Aiyana in a traditional ceremony and a year later fathered a son. He is a loving husband and father who loves his family very deeply.

As the last living descendant of the last true Abequan chief he has sworn to do all in his power to save what little remains of his tribe. He has attempted to gather the surviving members of his tribe and has repeatedly petitioned the state government to return at least some portion of land to his people. He is a stereotypical Native American in that he is often seen wearing Indian-style tasseled leather vests, has a deep seated respect for the earth and is highly protective of his tribal identity.

Appearances Edit

Stories from San Andreas Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Jonathan is the first Native American to appear in the GTA Universe. He appears in a supporting role role in Paleto Ranger and in the protagonist role in Native Son. In both of his appearances he is seen to be highly honourable, law-abiding and a genuinely good man. This was done for racial sensitivity reasons and to depict a Native American in a positive and uplifting role. He is a voice of wisdom and gentle friendliness.
  • It is confirmed that he knows Riley Wilkins on at least a casual level. In Paleto Ranger he is seen drinking with Riley at a local bar and even attempting to steer him away from is park offending. However, he is not seen socializing with Riley in Native Son as the latter does not appear in that episode.
  • He is very critical of modern America believing that it has become "materialistic and vain at the cost of its very spirit." John does not harbour a grudge against the "White Man" for the wrongs done to his tribe but does express a desire that the Ihakopi receive proper reparations. He often passionately expresses his frustration and sadness at what was done to his people.

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