James Stein
Full name: James Stein
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1975 (aged 38)
Place of birth: Ludendorff, North Yankton
Home: Los Santos, San Andreas
Family: Amelia Stein (wife)
Main Affiliation: Underworld
Behind The Veil
Vehicle(s): Black Ubermacht Oracle XS
James Stein is a B-list celebrity and media personality who came to fame as bumbling mobster Larry Davis in the 2002 crime movie San Fierro Nights. Though only a minor role in the film the strength of his acting saw him gain notoriety. He followed this initial success by playing FIB agent Howard Monroe in the 2003 movie Dockside Stories.

In 2011 he struck out on his own as a reality television presenter hosting the reality crime show Underworld to immediate success. He expanded his screen presence in 2013 creating and hosting the show Behind the Veil which takes a behind the scenes look at cults across the United States.

Background Edit

James was born in 1975 to devout Catholic parents in the small rural town of Ludendorff in North Yankton. He spent his childhood and early teenage years in the tiny farming community under the authority of a strict father. As a young boy he grew up with a rigid set of rules that ultimately led to social rebellion when he reached his teens. Most of his time was spent helping his father in the family locksmith store, attending social events and diligently attending Mass every Sunday at the nearby St. Christopher's Catholic Church. Acts of rebelliousness during his teenage years led to his being sent for instruction at the church.

He began making amateur films in his mid-teens and hosted a mock television show with a group of school friends. James soon developed an interest in an acting career and left North Yankton to take professional classes at an acting school in Los Santos. He would never return to his hometown but instead moved to San Fierro where he began taking any minor acting jobs he could get his hands on. He served as an unnamed extra in several movies before finally landing a minor speaking role in the 2002 mobster movie San Fierro Nights set in the mid-1970s. This inaugural role landed him further acting jobs in larger roles.

In 2011 he approached several television networks with his idea for a reality crime show. After initially failing to get the attention of any major networks his show was signed by Vector Networks for an as of yet unspecified number of seasons. Underworld became a reality and is currently hosted on Vector.

Filmography Edit

James has been in front of the camera many times in a variety of capacities. He began his career as an actor before branching out into reality television. Below is his complete filmography.

  • San Fierro Nights (2002) - "Larry Davis"
  • Dockside Stories (2003) - "Howard Monroe"
  • A Voice In The Haze (2005) - "Samuel Bennett"
  • Underworld (2011) - "Appears As Himself"
  • Behind The Veil (2013) - "Appears As Himself"

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