James Hopkins
Jimmy Hopkins
Bullworth High Enrolment Photo
Full name: James Hopkins
Also known as: Mr. Hopkins
Gender: Male
Date of birth: March 12, 1976 (aged 37)
Place of birth: Winslow, New Langdon
Home: Hayward, New Langdon
Nationality: American
Family: Zoe Hopkins (wife)
Jonathan Hopkins (son)
Main Affiliation: Bullworth High Alumni Association
Vehicle(s): Dark blue Vapid Stanier
Businesses: HomePlus
"I was a troubled kid with a bad attitude. Everyone had given up on me and I nearly gave up on myself. But one day I decided I would prove them all wrong and make something of myself."
―James commenting on his past.
James Hopkins is a character who appears in the GTA Expanded Universe. He is a highly successful business entrepreneur and a prominent member of the Hayward Chamber of Commerce. James, better known as Jimmy in his high school days, also appears as the protagonist of Bully in his original form.

He was a student at the troubled Bullworth Academy before it was forcibly shut down in late 1991. He then attended Bullworth High School where he graduated in the "Class of 1995". Now an adult, James supports the decision to close the ill-fated private school in the belief that it had to be shut down to atone for its failings.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

James was born in 1976 in the small rural farming town of Winslow. As a small boy he was frequently beaten by his alcoholic father and subjected to emotional abuse at the hands of his uncaring mother. Years of abuse took a heavy toll on the young James who soon developed a bad attitude and a rebellious nature in order to survive.

Life in the small rural town left him with very little to do and he soon began associating with a group of delinquents and troublemakers. Believing that he was unloved James lashed out at those around him with a sharp tongue and cruel pranks. As his attitude worsened the now teenage James was expelled from one school after another as a troublemaker. By the age of fifteen he had built up an extensive delinquent record including graffiti, violent conduct, foul language, vandalism of school and public property, disrespecting school staff, petty theft and arson. In a last ditch effort at avoiding juvenile detention, and as a way to get rid of him, James' mother left him at the disreputable Bullworth Academy. His past followed him to the boarding school and, despite some attempts at changing his ways, he soon fell into his old habits which resulted in his expulsion for spray painting offensive graffiti on the clock tower of Bullworth City Hall.

James was eventually allowed back to Bullworth Academy only to play a central role in the school riot that prompted the forcible closure of the private boarding school in 1991. He was then transferred to Bullworth High School to continue his education where he joined the Bullworth High Bulls football team and rose to the heights of high school popularity. He began a serious committed relationship with his new girlfriend Zoe Taylor, who proved to be a positive influence on him, and became one of the most popular students in his school year. He played a central role in several winning football games in his position as a defensive tackle, took Zoe to the senior prom as his dearly loved girlfriend, was crowned Prom King and graduated with average grades.

Adult Life Edit

In 2005 James married his long-term girlfriend Zoe Taylor in an emotional and touching ceremony at Wyman Gardens in Bullworth. He moved into a modest townhouse in the middle-class Winslow Acres neighborhood with his beloved wife. James settled into the domestic life of a married man, adored by his new wife, and took out a bank loan to buy a local hardware store in order to provide for Zoe. After a year of hard work James opened the newly remodeled store as ToolMaster.

By 2008 the store had experienced such phenomenal success that it outgrew its original site. James took out a second bank loan to buy a larger site on which he built a "Big Box" megastore to house his rapidly growing business. Continued success prompted him to buy land in Lowell to house a second ToolMaster store. Later that same year Zoe fell pregnant with their first child and James became an excited expectant father. He began regularly attending the nearby St. James' Catholic Church and soon became a devout Catholic.

In 2011 James moved to Hayward with Zoe and their three year old son Jonathan. He bought a three story Victorian-era house on the city limits and moved his family into their new home. Settling into the comfortable life of a successful businessman and family man James swore that he would never end up like his father. He broke the cycle treating his son with doting love and affection.

Business Portfolio Edit

As a highly successful business entrepreneur James owns a number of businesses. Below is a list of his current businesses;

Character Edit

Personality Edit

James' rough childhood left him with a cynical nature and a distrust of the intentions of those around him. However, the Catholic faith that has played a major part in his adult life has helped him put aside the rebelliousness and delinquent mindset of his youth. Despite his misgivings concerning many of his fellow Bullworth residents James is a friendly and good natured man with a strong sense of humour.

His faith has given him strong morals and a belief in the importance of Christian values. He is a loving husband and an excited expectant father who is deeply protective of his family. James also cares very deeply for his small group of friends viewing loyalty and friendship as important foundations of a "good life". He possesses a quiet intelligence and "street smarts" that provide him with a well rounded understanding of urban life and society.

Political Stance Edit

James is a staunch Democrat and an unflinching supporter of left-wing politics. He frequently vocally expresses his belief in ideals such as social equality, even distribution of wealth and the welfare state. This political awakening has given him a secret interest in running for political office, specifically the mayor's office of Hayward. He is a firm believer in the importance of restoring Christian values to the political arena in a way that satisfies the separation of church and state policy.


  • The character in his original form and the image used to represent him remain the sole property of Rockstar Games in their entirety. The content above is intended as a continuation of the story of the original character.
  • Jimmy Hopkins serves as one of the inspirations for Christopher Turner, a character created by User:The GTA Nerd in his comic Turner's Second Chance. Chris and Jimmy both had rough childhoods that have physically toughened them up.

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