Jack is a supporting character in Cletus Comics, and a minor character in Sibling Rivalries: Salvador Real's Adventures.

Jack was originally the tritagonist of the series, and he was friends with both Cletus and Tetch 60. However, he suddenly disappeared after the second comic of the series and never appeared again until Season 6 in 2012 (which was only once in one panel and he did not speak at all). His role as a tritagonist was later taken over by R.L.C, who was introduced in Season 4.

It is assumed that Cletus and Tetch 60 are still friends with Jack, although Jack never appeared again with a major role. However, he was briefly mentioned in Season 10.

Jack also made a cameo appearance in Sibling Rivalries: Salvador Real's Adventures, which, according to GTA Nerd, was "just to show that the character still existed and wasn't forgotten about after he left CC".


  • Following his disappearance in 2010, it is unknown if Jack ever met the later additions to the main cast (R.L.C., Dimitri Rascalov, Steve, Cutecumber, or Steve Jr.). However, Jack must have met R.L.C. before 2012 as he appeared at his birthday party in "R.L.C.'s Birthday Clip-O-Rama!".
    • As Steve and Cutecumber were at the party as well, Jack also may or may not have met them.
  • He works as a mechanic.
  • Jack has not said a single word in the series at all since 2010, although he spoke in SR: SRA, which was released in 2014.


Cletus Comics
  • Cletus and the Great Leaf-Bot (first appearence)
  • Cletus and the Great Monster-Bot Race 
  • R.L.C's Birthday Clip-O-Rama! (non-speaking cameo)
  • I Dream of Anti-Dogs (mentioned only)
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