Ivan Buxaplenty is the tertiary antagonist of Cletus Comics, and a minor character in Sibling Rivalries.

Ivan is a very rich robot who has been a long-time enemy of Dimitri Rascalov. He owns a house next to Dimitri, although he doesn't actually live in it yet. Dimitri gave the house to Cletus after his burned down in the comic Final Destination. Ivan was not happy though, and he still wanted the house back.

Ivan was only supposed to appear in one comic, but he returned again a few months later, and became more powerful after teaming up with Devil-Bot and Anti-Cletus.


Cletus Comics
  • Filthy Rich! (first appearence)
  • When Book Worlds Collide 2: The Jerkinators!
  • Ivan Returns Again!
  • If The Price Is Right
  • Where's Steve?
  • When the N.O.O.S.E Attack!
  • Cletus-Ology! (last appearance)
Sibling Rivalries


  • Ivan has a son named Remy Buxaplenty, who is obviously named after the FOP character of the same name. Both Ivan and Remy are similar to FOP Remy.
  • Ivan is the only character in the series to actually threaten to kill Cletus, as seen in the comic "Filthy Rich!", where he aims a pistol at Cletus, who exclaims "You can't kill me, I'm the main character of the series!" (breaking the fourth wall with that line). Ivan fires the gun, but Cletus dodges the bullet, which then hits some boxes (presumably cereal) in the background.
    • However, another character, Vice-Pilot Bot, from the 100-page special "Jumbo Ship", manages to eletrocute and crush Cletus, who, near the comic's ending, prevents the holo-detector from going down after VP-Bot tips the entire ship over. However, Cletus was repaired by R.L.C, and VP-Bot apologizes for his evil behavior.

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