Isaac Hayes
Isaac and his dog Luther
Appearance(s): Brotherhood Rising
Full name: Isaac Hayes
Also known as: Mr. Hayes


Gender: Male
Date of birth: May 5th, 1975 (aged 38)
Place of birth: Waihao, New Zealand
Home: Los Santos, San Andreas
Nationality: New Zealander-American
Family: Colin Hayes (father)

Martha Hayes (mother)
Thomas Hayes (brother)

Main Affiliation: Devils Chosen MC
Angus Martin
Weapons: Combat Pistol
Vehicle(s): Black Hexer
"The next person who calls me an Aussie gets a metal pipe upside the face!"
―Isaac reacting to being called an Australian
Isaac Hayes is a character featured in the Grand Theft Auto series, who appears as a supporting character in Brotherhood Rising as the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Los Santos chapter of the Devils Chosen MC.

He is originally from New Zealand but immigrated to the United States in 2001 becoming a US Citizen. However, despite being a naturalized American he is still mistaken for being an Australian much to his annoyance. It would seem that his fellow Americans are not able to spot the obvious difference in his gradually disappearing accent.

Isaac is a small-time marijuana and ecstasy dealer with a home-run drug lab in his apartment in Mirror Park. As a loyal club member he gives a percentage of his profits to the Devils Chosen MC in exchange for its support. He is fanatically loyal to Angus Martin and has taken his role as Sergeant-at-Arms very seriously.


Isaac was born in 1975 in Waihao, New Zealand. Life in the small rural South Island town proved to be too quiet and slow-paced for the young Isaac who began getting into trouble. He developed a habit of getting mixed up in acts of mischief around the town and was put to work on his family's cattle farm in order to keep him from the life he seemed headed for. 

When his father opened a small craft winery Isaac was sent to work in the grape vines as yet another effort at keeping him out of mischief. Despite the best efforts of his parents Isaac fell into a life of delinquency and began getting into trouble with law enforcement. In his teens he was suspended from school on three different occasions for his deliberately defiant and rebellious ways. As a last resort his father sent him away to work with a local contracting company in the belief that some hard work would turn his life around. However, he began to resent his parents in the belief that they had abandoned him by shipping him off to live and work with strangers. He began saving money in order to travel to the United States and eventually did so in 2001

By 2003 he had gained US Citizenship to become a naturalized American citizen. He then took a job at Hunter Quarry near Las Venturas where he worked for six years. In 2008 he relocated to Los Santos and began working as a labourer for a local small-time construction company. It was during this time that he first began experimenting with drug manufacturing in order to supplement his wages using the back room of his apartment as his drug lab. He began growing marijuana in an abandoned building and produced ecstasy in his home-made drug lab. By 2011, his success as a drug dealer had brought him to the attention of the newly founded Devils Chosen MC who eagerly recruited him later that year. He won the respect of chapter President Angus Martin and was voted in as Sergeant-at-Arms for the chapter.  


Isaac is a highly dedicated young man with an unbreakable loyalty to his club. He holds a bitter hatred for all snitches coupled with an enjoyment of violence and fighting. As an unflinching enforcer he is always prepared to commit serious or violent crime to protect his club and its interests. However, he is not to be considered at all dim-witted or simple minded by any stretch of the imagination instead possessing a brooding intelligence.

He has a cynical attitude towards non-club members believing most people to be motivated by greed, lust or self-interest. Isaac is, however, deeply loyal to his club brothers to the extent that he will go out of his way to help a club brother. He has an occasionally dark sense of humour and a firm belief in the biker brotherhood. Isaac also has a deep distrust of, and an occassional outright comtempt for, law enforcement officers who he believes abuse their power in agencies rife with corruption. He holds a deep love for his friends and family, a special respect for Angus and a firm belief in his right to live free. Isaac is essentially a stereotypical violent biker with a keen criminal mind. 

His favourite radio station is Los Santos Rock Radio. He is also known to have a liking for Logger beer and an enjoyment of the Lusty Lady stripclub. 


  • The image used to portray Isaac remains the sole property of Rockstar Games. It has been used for the purpose of the story to portray a central character.
  • The town of Waihao, a Maori language place name, is based on the town of Waimate in the south of the South Island, New Zealand. The name comes from the Waihao River which flows past Waimate. 
  • Isaac is the first character from New Zealand to appear in the Grand Theft Auto series.