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Iron Crows is a fictional American hard rock band seen in the GTA Expanded Universe. It was formed in late 2009 and began as a group of friends playing in their garage in Mirror Park, Los Santos.

From this humble beginning the band began playing occasional gigs at local events and dive bars in an effort at building their musical career. To achieve musical independence the band formed the self-named Iron Crow Records to publish its albums free of the conditions of larger record labels. Troy Anderson, a friend of the band, was put in charge of the record label as the band manager. The Iron Crows officially released their debut studio album Breaking Free in mid-2010 which quickly become popular with local hard rock fans. They followed this up a year later with their second studio album Lost Cause and announced the commencement of the biannual Crowfest hard rock festival. The popularity of their first two albums launched the Iron Crows to regional fame and they soon set their sights on the lofty heights of hard rock fame. Their third and fourth albums raised them to greater fame with their music reaching as far south as Los Santos and as far north as San Fierro.

They are supported by a growing enclave of fanatically loyal fans who refer to themselves as "Crows" as a mark of respect for the band. These fans are known to attend every live performance and band event with a passionate diligence as well as enthusiastically buying band merchandise. In return for their loyalty the Iron Crows are highly appreciative and supportive of their fans offering special packages and VIP events to their most loyal fans. They are also known to be popular with members of the Devils Chosen MC several of whom have been seen wearing band t-shirts. 

Band Members Edit

  • Clayton "Clay" Harris (lead vocals)
  • James "Jimmy" Davis (guitar and vocals)
  • Samuel "Sammy" Jones (bass guitar)
  • Kenneth "Kenny" Lee (drums)

Band VehiclesEdit

  • Brute Dashound (modified as a tour bus)
  • Dinka Marquis (collectively owned)

Albums Edit

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