"So here we go. I've been waiting my entire life for this. The chance to finally start over. New life, new city, new opportunities. So let's do this. San Francisco, here I come."
―Chris Turner

Introduction is the first chapter of Turner's Second Chance.


Chris Turner introduces himself to the readers, and explains everything that he has had to deal with over the years, from bullies to his abusive father. He references the events of the Sibling Rivalries comic "Straight Outta Green Bay" where his enemies, The Chavez brothers, were arrested. He also summarizes the events of his parents' course case on January 29, when his father abused him and his brothers again. Chris's mother won the court case, and following the arrest of his father, the three decided to move to San Francisco to escape their past life in Compton.

Character AppearancesEdit

Note: A name in Italics indicates this is the character's first appearance.


  • This chapter, along with the Epilogues from either ending, are the only ones to span across multiple years.


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