House Seywyth is a noble house from the Rainwood in the Stormlands. Its lands are located in the western Rainwood bordering those of House Wylde in the east and south. It's lands originally only included a very small section of the western forest but have been expanded to include most of the western Rainwood.

It rules over the Western Rainwood with an iron-fist from its castle-seat of Greywatch Keep. The house once held fealty to House Baratheon but became independent in its own right after declaring King Robert's blond children illegitimate due to their being born of incest between the Lannister siblings Cersei and Jaime. It declared itself an independent house and refused to swear fealty to any of the Great Houses.

The house has a vibrant history which dates back to the rule of King Daeron II Targaryen. House Seywyth served as a loyal Targaryen vassal for much of its history before siding with House Baratheon during Robert's Rebellion. it initially voiced reluctance to rebel against its Targaryen liege lord but was convinced to do so by Robert himself.

The current head of the family is Lord Dunstan Seywyth who holds the titles Lord of the Western Rainwood and Lord of Greywatch Keep. The wealth of House Seywyth is said to rival that of House Lannister itself which has led some to believe that it is merely posing as a minor noble house. However, evidence of their fortune can be seen in their extremely well equipped and highly trained private army.

Their sigil is a black eagle on a field of red and gold. It is said that this eagle represents the giant eagle that aided their founder in battle against his enemies. This eagle is said to still inhabit the forests on the house's land but many smallfolk in the area believe this is little more than a myth created by the house. The eagle is also said to represent House Seywyth's great strength and brooding intelligence. Their words are "Standing Firm" which refer to the unwavering courage of the house and its fearless defiance of its enemies.

Greywatch, the town built around Greywatch Keep, hosts a small garrison of the Faith Militant led by the stern and uncompromising Brother Kerth. Lord Dunstan personally invited the Faith Militant to Greywatch as a mark of his dedication to the Faith of the Seven. The Militant uses a large wooden hall in the centre of town as the base of operations for its Greywatch garrison.

House Seywyth's lands are bordered in the east by those of House Wylde which has led to conflict between the two houses on numerous occasions. The ambitious House Seywyth has challenged its eastern neighbour several times threatening total eradication if doesn't submit and become a vassal. Lord Dunstan is believed to have set his sights on Rain House, the castle-seat of House Wylde, as either the next holding of his house or a subjagated vassal. Without the presence of House Baratheon to intimidate it House Seywyth is free to use its wealth and military power to menace its rival. It's lands also share a border with House Mertyns in the south with the castle of Mistwood serving as another location of interest for House Seywyth in its plans to seize control of the Rainwood and the Mistwood as a whole.

History Edit

"We are House Seywyth. We have earned the right to call ourselves a Great House even if those fools in the capital refuse to acknowledge our claim. If they dispute it, let them come and taste our fury!"
―Lord Dunstan to his son Gerrard

House Seywyth was founded by the hedge knight Ser Branton Seywyth. Ser Branton earned a favour from King Daeron II Targaryen after proving his skill in battle against a number of Targaryen enemies. King Daeron II invited the young knight to take part in a Royal Tourney in recognition of his impressive swordsmanship. During the tourney Ser Branton earned the gratitude of the King when he challenged a knight from the North to a duel in defence of the King's honour. The offending knight had insulted the King calling him an "inbred freak" after which Ser Branton aggressively confronted him hauling the other night into the arena.

In an impressive display of swordsmanship Ser Branton deftly defeated the Northern Knight and killed him with a stab through the neck. In recognition of his bravery, skill in battle and personal service to him King Daeron II ennobled Ser Branton on the spot giving him a large area of land in the Rainwood. As a mark of respect for his king Ser Branton swore an oath of fealty to House Targaryen stating that his house and his descendants would serve as unswervingly loyal Targaryen bannermen. This oath still holds true with House Seywyth holding a secret fealty to House Targaryen backing Daenerys Targaryen as the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. To disguise its true loyalties the house continues to aggressively defend its independence from the Great Houses of Westeros while it plots to support a Targaryen Restoration.

The new Lord Seywyth raised a warband of hired mercenaries and sworn swords to march on the lands that had been granted to him. He led this warband in a bloody campaign against an organized bandit warband and a number of House Wylde mercenaries. Lord Branton and his men fought their enemies across the western Rainwood slaughtering the bandits and forcing the House Wylde men to retreat back to Rain House. The new lord's forces routed the bandits and mercenaries with such fury that the ground on the eastern edges of the Seywyth lands were painted red with the blood of their enemies becoming known as the "Red Marches", Lord Branton took an abandoned military castle in the middle of his new lands as the seat of his house naming it Greywatch Keep in reference to the grey mists that often rolled through the forest. On his orders the castle was extensively repaired and renovated to turn it into a proper dwelling for a noble house.

Over the course of a month Lord Branton extended his formal control over most of the western areas of the Rainwood driving out wildlings, renegade soldiers and hired mercenaries. A number of small forest villages fell under the authority of House Seywyth with Lord Branton treating his new smallfolk with kindness and mercy. Lord Branton, on the instructions of King Daeron II, made peace with House Wylde to bring an end to bloody border conflicts. Lord Branton's younger brother Ser Emmon became a member of King Daeron II's Kingsguard.

Robert's Rebellion Edit

House Seywyth played a support role in the rebellion against Aerys II Targaryen the "Mad King". Originally a Targaryen loyalist it initially supplied the Mad King's forces with various supplies and weapons. But when it became evident that King Aerys II would lose the war House Harwood began playing both sides of the conflict continuing to secretly support House Targaryen while also providing weapons and soldiers to Robert's forces.

Towards the end of the rebellion House Harwood openly voiced its support for Robert Baratheon and went to war with House Martell in support of the rebel cause. Despite its historical allegiances to House Targaryen it publically defied Aerys II believing him to be mad beyond all chance of redemption. Its troops clashed with those of House Martell at various points in the Green Marches and the greater Stormlands securing a number of victories thanks to their fierceness in battle. 

At the end of the war House Harwood rejoiced when Robert took the Iron Throne as King Robert I Baratheon. It made peace with House Martell and forged ties with House Tyrell and House Baratheon of Dragonstone.

War of the Five Kings Edit

The soldiers of House Seywyth played a larger role in the War of the Five Kings. The house secretly lent its support to House Baratheon of Dragonstone proclaiming Stannis Baratheon as the true king. Dunstan firmly believed the rumours about the true parentage of Robert's blond-haired children and as a result his house denounced them as Lannister bastards born of incest between Jaime Lannister and his sister Cersei. It gave its loyalty to Stannis Baratheon as the true heir to the Iron Throne supplying his forces with troops and supplies. Its supplies were sent to Dragonstone under the cover of pirate hunting expeditions.

The house took part in the Battle of the Blackwater and sustained heavy losses as a result. Samwell, the youngest son of Lord Dunstan, narrowly avoided a fiery death and fled back to Dragonstone with the retreating forces. It remained loyal to Stannis long after the end of the War of the Five Kings and continued to supply a range of assistance to his forces. After the war it used its wealth and influence to rapidly rebuild its army.

War of Three Edit

In 301 AL, after being slandered by two knightly houses from the Green Marches, House Seywyth began a war of vengeance. Lord Dunstan Harwood demanded that the vassal houses, founded by landed knights released from his service, make an immediate apology and pay the proper tribute to their liege lord. When they refused the house raised a sizeable army of house troops gathered under the house banner and made a final ultimatum - kneel or be destroyed. House Carrant and the smaller House Wexley defied this last warning and raised their own troops against their liege lord.

House Seywyth showed no mercy as it marched on the lands granted to Ser Derren Carrant and Ser Kiran Wexley. It's battle-hardened troops slaughtered most of the enemy force and burned the private estates belonging to the traitorous knights to the ground. Ser Edwin and Ser Kiran were put to the sword in front of their families along with most of their households. Those few soldiers who survived the war were swiftly rounded up and sent to the Wall to serve with the Night's Watch as punishment for their betrayal. Lord Dunstan, in an act of mercy, allowed Ser Edwin's wife and infant daughter to choose exile in Essos. Ser Kiran's wife opted to become a Septa in order to atone for her husband's betrayal.

As one last act of humiliation Lord Dunstan had the heads of Ser Edwin and Ser Kiran mounted on pikes above the main gates of Greywatch Keep. These grisly trophies would serve as a warning to any other scheming individuals planning violence against House Harwood. The lands once granted to the defeated houses were reclaimed by House Harwood and turned into farmland.

Eagle's Vengeance Edit

In 301 AL Gerrard Seywyth, in a conflict that would become known as the Eagle's Vengeance, led a large force of swordsmen and archers against an upstart bastard. The bastard son of a minor noble had taken up residence in an abandoned homestead on Harwood lands. Carving out a holding for himself on lands that did not belong to him the bastard defied House Harwood and refused to leave. In a gesture of disrespect a Brotherhood Without Banners militia loyal to the upstart seized and burned a number of House Seywyth banners.

Angered by the blatant show of disrespect and the insult to his house Dunstan Seywyth ordered that the upstart be put in his place. In a show of strength Harwood forces stormed the homestead killing every last militiaman before burning the building to the ground. Taken alive the upstart bastard was dragged before Lord Dunstan in chains and personally executed by the lord. His head was placed in a box and sent to the Brotherhood Without Banners as a warning.

Military Strength Edit

In times of war House Seywyth can raise approximately seventy five thousand men in a short amount of time. As an immensely wealthy house its forces are very well equipped and highly trained making them a very serious threated on the battlefield. House Harwood soldiers are known to fight in highly organized formations and armoured columns making them highly effective and dangerous. The great forges of Greywatch Keep also produce large amounts of Westerosi steel weapons meaning that the soldiers of House Harwood are always very well armed. 

Its standing army is made up of a mixture of footsoldiers, archers and cavalry. In addition to this frontline army the house can also raise an elite nit of heavy cavalry, heavy crossbowmen and armoured knights to serve as the official guard of honour for Lord Dunstan and his household. House Harwood is known to use war-horns and drums as a psychological assault on its enemies. The house took advantage of the chaos and infighting created by the War of the Five Kings and the other conflicts that followed to raise a large army before any of the other houses were aware of it. While the other Great Houses bickered and killed one another House Seywyth built up its strength.

House Seywyth also commands a small fleet berthed in the fishing town of Greyharbour on the shores of the infamous Shipbreaker Bay not far from Greywatch Keep. Small in size this fleet is mainly used to hunt pirates in the Narrow Sea but can also be used to harras and assail enemy fleets as required. Harwood vessels often provide escorts for selected merchant vessels passing through the area.

House AlliancesEdit

House Seywyth has taken an active role in preparing for the future of Westeros. It has forged secret alliances with House Tully and House Stark providing troops and supplies to the Stark cause. The house has also used its wealth to recruit larger numbers of mercenaries whom it has made available for the campaign to reinstate House Stark and House Tully to their rightful places. It has named Jon Snow as the King in the North and the true heir to the Iron Throne addressing him as King Jon I Snow. Lord Dunstan personally pledged his support to Jon swearing that his house who fight for him.

It is also known to be on good terms with the Night's Watch and Lord Commander Eddison Tollett. As a mark of its gratitude to the Night's Watch for their service on the Wall the house continues to provide large numbers of recruits taken from captured criminals. House Seywyth has employed service with the Night's Watch as an alternative sentence for crime in its holdings. 

Members Edit

  • Lord Branton Seywyth, former hedge knight and founder of the house. Lord of Greywatch Keep and Lord of the Western Forest. Died of old age at Greywatch Keep.
    • Lady Emilie Seywyth, his wife of House Leynton. Witnessed the eradication of her entire paternal house at the hands of House Lannister. Died of an unknown illness in her later years at Greywatch Keep.
    • Lord Arron Seywyth, their eldest son and heir. Killed in battle against the forces of House Wylde in the Rainwood.
    • Lady Kaitlyn Seywyth, ruled in the name of her husband. Died of old age in Greywatch Keep.
      • Lord Branton Seywyth, their only son and heir named in honour of his grandfather. Avenged the murder of his father slaughtering all those responsible before forcibly taking a tribute from House Wylde. Died of a serious illness at Greywatch Keep.
      • Lady Sanya Seywyth, his wife of the extinct House Burwood. Died of old age at Greywatch Keep after bitterly mourning her husband.
      • Lord Dunstan Seywyth, their eldest son and heir. Current head of the family. Lord of Greywatch Keep and Lord of the Western Forest.
        • Lady Lauryn Seywyth, his wife of House Merser. An adoring wife who serves as adviser to her husband.
        • Ser Gerrard Seywyth, their eldest son and heir. Castellan of Greywatch Keep and champion of House Seywyth.
          • Lady Reyanna Seywyth, his wife of House Frey.
        • Samwell Seywyth, their second son.
        • Kevan Seywyth, their youngest son.
        • Melarie Seywyth, their eldest daughter.
        • Teressa Seywyth, their youngest daughter.
      • Lord Mortin Seywyth, their youngest son. Lord of House Seywyth of King's Landing and adviser to his older brother.
        • Lady Olenna Seywyth, his wife of House Merser. Younger sister of Lady Lauryn.
        • heir eldest son, Bryen Seywyth. Aspiring knight and a highly talented swordsman. Survived the Battle of the Blackwater undetected by the forces of House Lannister to return home to his family seat. He is Mortin's heir and possesses the keen military mind of his father and his mother's skill with political subterfuge.
        • Their son, Corren Seywyth.
        • Their daughter, Melianna Seywyth.
        • Their youngest daughter, Celesse Seywyth.
        • Their younger son, Tobas Seywyth

Household and retainers Edit

  • Septon Mikael, Septon of House Seywyth and overseer of Greywatch Sept.
  • Septa Elissa, Septa of House Seywyth and Melarie's personal tutor.
  • Maester Larrel, Maester of Greywatch Keep and advisor to Lord Dunstan.
  • Elyana Tavner, Whisperer of House Seywyth and the aunt of Derren and Kaylee.
  • Ser Bryen Morrell, Master-at-Arms of House Seywyth and father of Darrin and Edwin.
  • Roberd, talented smith at Greywatch Keep
  • Olivar, Kennelmaster of Greywatch Keep
    • Jorren, his son and aspiring knight.
    • Layna, his daughter and friend of Melarie.
  • Derren Tavner, legitimized bastard son of Ser Roderick Tavner and ward of House Seywyth.
  • Kaylee Tavner, legitimized bastard daughter of Ser Roderick Tavner and ward of House Seywyth.
  • Larris, Flea Bottom orphan and street urchin taken into the care of House Seywyth. Serves as a house servant.
  • Enith, former Flea Bottom whore taken into the care of House Seywyth. Serves as a handmaiden for Lady Lauryn Seywyth.
    • Selyse, her daughter and ward of House Seywyth. Serves as handmaiden for Melarie Seywyth.
    • Broden, her son and ward of House Harwood. Serves as a stableboy for Lord Dunstan Seywyth.
  • Ser Darrin Morrell, talented swordsman and Lord Seywyth's captain of the guards.
  • Edwin Morrell, aspiring knight and younger brother of Darrin. Serves House Seywyth as a sworn-sword.
  • Siriana Vollaris, highly talented Bravosi swordmaiden and agent of House Seywyth.
  • Joanna Risley, talented swordmaiden from the Westerlands and agent of House Seywyth.
  • Rolan, bard in King's Landing and spy for House Seywyth. 

Vassal Houses Edit

Noble Houses of the Green MarchesEdit

Knightly Houses of the Green MarchesEdit

Trivia Edit

  • With the extinction of the mainline House Baratheon the Stormlands were thrown into turmoil as former Baratheon vassals began fighting among themselves. Now that the Baratheon's are no longer around to enforce order among their vassals with their infamous fury their former vassal houses have taken up arms against each other in a war of success. House Seywyth has eagerly taken part in the wars raising a large army after declaring war on House Wylde and House Mertyns.
  • House Seywyth is known for a ferocity in battle much like infamous fury of House Baratheon. It has gained a reputation for swift and often violent acts of bloody retribution making it a house whose wrath is to be feared. The house bears many striking resemblances to its former liege lord to the extent that some have suggested Baratheon ancestry. House Seywyth, much like House Baratheon, is known for a fearsome fury and a single-minded focus on destroying its enemies. It has destroyed at least two knightly houses and one other noble house in its pursuit of power and domination in the Stormlands. One knightly house that made the fatal mistake of insulting a Seywyth Lord was entirely obliterated in a single night.
  • House Seywyth passionately condemns the act of bastardy. As such it shuns bastards chasing them off its lands whenever a noble bastard is discovered. However, the house has a greater sympathy and compassion for its smallfolk. Several lords of the house have taken orphans and destitute smallfolk under their protection, such as Lord Dunstan Seywyth who harbours several smallfolk orphans and beggars within his household. These unfortunates are put to work for the house in exchange for its compassion.
  • It is the only lesser noble house to have survived openly defying House Lannister. Their wealth and military prowess has positioned them as the closest thing the Lannister's have to a rival with Lord Tywin having been overheard indirectly naming them as a potential threat during talks with members of his household.
  • The house name is pronounced as SAY-WITH. 

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