House Claymont is a vassal house that holds loyal fealty to House Seywyth. Their seat is an old military fort named Fairwood Hall and their lands lie in the eastern Rainwood on territory taken from House Wylde. Their lands were gifted to them by House Seywyth as a reward for unfailing loyalty.

They are a very rare example of a knightly house that has been raised to nobility. They became a noble house when King Tommen I Baratheon ennobled Ser Martyne for his heroics in battle and his immense loyalty to his liege lord - which the young king greatly admired.

Their sigil is a white oak on a blue field. The oak on their sigil represents noble strength and an old oak tree found growing in the courtyard of Fairwood Hall. Their words are "Strength In Silence" referencing the way that they refrain from the bickering common among the nobility in favour of carefully planned actions done in secret. Their banner is flown alongside the banner of House Seywyth at tourneys, albeit at a lower position to signify their status as loyal bannermen.

Loyalty Edit

House Claymont is staunchly loyal to House Seywyth. This loyalty is almost fanatical in that the house has firmly and violently rejected bribes to betray its liege lord. They fight alongside the troops of House Seywyth when required and unquestioningly obey their liege lord. Despite sizeable monetary offers for their betrayal of House Seywyth from the Lannisters and the Boltons the house has remained unfailingly loyal to House Seywyth.

Members Edit

  • Lord Martyne Claymont, Lord of House Claymont.
    • His wife, Lady Emmerlyn, daughter of a minor knight and Lady of House Claymont.
    • Their eldest son, Tobin, talented swordsman and Marytne's heir.
    • Their daughter, Elyse.
    • Their youngest son, Edwin.

Household Edit

  • Ser Jorah Farrel, Emmerlyn's father and steward of House Claymont.
  • Harrin, knight's bastard and stableboy in the service of House Claymont.

Trivia Edit

  • Lord Martyne is fanatically loyal to Lord Dunstan Seywyth. In an act of unwavering loyalty he has sworn an oath of unconditional service to House Seywyth that even the gold of House Lannister cannot break. He has raised a militia to serve as a reserve force for his liege lord and to protect his lands. House Claymont is a truly loyal vassal with an unbreakable bond to House Seywyth to whom it owes its existence.

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