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Hope Lives is an evangelical Christian talk show hosted on LifeTV. It is hosted by Christian scholar and pastor Josiah Evans with the support of his occasional co-host Rebecca Mitchell. The show is divided into several segments featuring discussions on matters of faith, one-on-one ministry with audience members, a period of worship and praise, cafe-style preaching sessions and time for prayer requests. The worship music is provided by the Christian band Redeemed who perform live on the show.

It promotes Christian lifestyles, traditional Christian values, Gospel teachings and interdenominational Christian unity. The channel does not focus on any one group of Christians, such as children or youth, but is instead focused on all Christians regardless of age or marital status. Hope Lives does, however, periodically focus on a particular group to ensure that every portion of its audience receives teaching specific and helpful to them. For example, on certain occasions it broadcasts a Christian Youth show to support the needs of young Christians in modern society.

While the show has a distinct non-denominational focus Josiah periodically conducts interviews with clergy from various Christian denominations to broaden the show's range of discussions. He speaks on the importance of Christian values and morals in modern society, the challenges faced by many Christians in a rapidly changing society and preaches on a broad range of Biblically-focused topics that he is inspired to address. Hope Lives remains a very strongly evangelical channel with a strong emphasis on taking Biblical truths to a greater number of Americans. In 2013, it established a nationwide radio program operated under the name Hope Lives Radio.

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  • The channel is a parody of Christian television channels and radio channels such as Firstlight, Shine TV, Daystar Television, Calvary Radio and Trinity Broadcasting Network.

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