Honoka Kousaka

Honoka, wearing her "Bokura wa Ima no Naka de" outfit.

Honoka Kōsaka is a 15-years old freshman high school girl from Otonokizaka High School and the main protagonist of Love Live! The School Idol Project.


Honoka has orange hair that reach just below her shoulders. She sports a pony tail right of her side of her hair which is usually kept in that fashion with a yellow hair ribbon. The left front of her hair is kept up, which exposes that side of her forehead.

Honoka has pure blue eyes and her three sizes are H 82, W 58 and B 78.


An optimistic and cheery girl, Honoka is one to never be afraid to take risks if it means accomplishing something for both herself and her friends. As stated by her best friend, Kotori, once Honoka has her mind set on something, it is almost impossible to stop her from doing so. Honoka is always in a good mood and is almost never seen without her usual energetic smile, which is considered by her mother and friends as her main charm.


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