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Tagline(s): "Making quality affordable."
Type: Home Improvement
Owner: James Hopkins
"Making quality affordable."
―Corporate slogan

HomeWarehouse is a retail home improvement store chain featured in the GTA Expanded Universe. It is an emerging regional chain operating primarily out of the states of New Langdon and Alderney in 2013. It exists as a parody of "Big-box" home improvement stores in the United States such as Lowe's and Home Depot.

The chain operates a corporate headquarters in the city of Hayward, New Langdon. It favours a "Big-box" layout with large stores creating a dominating presence at all locations. HomeWarehouse also provides a range of consultation, installation and consumers advice services to its customers as well as operating a VIP Customer rewards scheme. In addition to its in-store sales the chain also caters to online shoppers with a home delivery service and full customer support.

In 2013 HomeWarehouse opened its first store in Liberty City. The official opening of the superstore in Bohan was the result of a long planned expansion into the state of Liberty. HomeWarehouse has kept silent about the possibility of additional locations in Liberty City's other boroughs. Popular rumours state that the chain is exploring the possibility of opening a second Liberty City location in Dukes. Behind the scenes in the corporate head office these rumours are true.

Radio Commercial Edit

Imaging Voice: "Do you drive past your neighbor's house every day and wish that your place was that nice? Do you dream of carving out your own piece of suburban paradise? Don't suffer envy in silence! Come on down to HomeWarehouse and pick up everything you need to make the home you deserve! After all, your home is your castle. You don't have to pay through the nose to get the best products for your home. Home improvement shouldn't be the domain of those with money to burn. You deserve to be able to have the home you long for. Here at HomeWarehouse we believe that quality doesn't have to mean expensive. Every American has the right to create the home of his dreams. So why not pay us a visit for all your home improvement needs? HomeWarehouse - making quality affordable."

Locations Edit

New Langdon Edit

  • Bullworth
  • Lowell
  • Penacook
  • Hayward
  • Crawley

Alderney Edit

  • Alderney City
  • Halstead
  • Victoria

Liberty Edit

  • Liberty City
    • Bohan
    • Dukes (planned)

Subsidiaries Edit


  • HomeWarehouse began offering online shopping services in 2013. The decision was made at a corporate level in order to keep the chain competitive and modern. It still makes most of its sales in-store but has seen increased revenue from customers shopping from home.
  • The chain uses the Brute Boxville, Maibatsu Mule and the MTL Pounder as its transport and delivery vehicles. Boxvilles and Mules are used for deliveries to customers while Pounders are used for longer range deliveries from stock warehouses to individual stores.

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