Helicopter Tour is a mission in Grand Theft Friendships given to protagonist Dimitri Rascalov by Maria Rizo from the West River helipad in Algonquin.


Dimitri goes to see Maria, who tells him he should take a break from trying to be Salvador Real's friend, and suggests coming with her on a private helicopter tour. Dimitri agrees, so he gets in the helicopter with her. However, trouble arrives when 7th Graders come in their own helicopters and try to take down Dimitri. Maria gives him a Paintball Launcher and tells him to use it to fend off the 7th Graders with.


As Maria said, you have a paintball launcher with unlimited ammo (for this mission only). Syeady your shot, then shoot the pursuing helicopters with it. The paintballs surprisingly do a lot of damage, spinning out helicopters (not blowing them up), and making the pilots lose sight. Once the helicopters are taken down, the helicopter lands in Alderney. Maria thanks Dimitri, and tells him to drop by her new place in Alderney City soon.


The reward is $7500, the paintball launcher, and the next mission Four Leaf Clover is unlocked.


  • The mission is similar to the earlier mission Free Ride, as both start in Algonquin and end in Alderney. The only difference is, in Free Ride, you're in a car being chased by the Algonquin Bullies, while in this mission you're in a helicopter being chased by the 7th Graders of Schottler Elementary School.

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