Hazy Days is an American television sitcom created by Thomas Sullivan, who serves as the executive producer an head writer for the series. In February 2013, the series was renewed for an additional five seasons bringing its total to fifteen. The fourteenth season premiered on April 12th, 2013. It is currently hosted on Zephyr for the 2013-2014 television season.

The show primarily focuses on four marijuana using college graduates and their 'straight-laced' friend living in Los Santos, San Andreas: Sasha Bryant, an attractive redheaded philosophy major and the stereotypical 'hot girl'; Nathan Baxter, an art history major and 'deep thinker' with a highly mischievous nature; Sebastian Croix, a French exchange student from a very strict religious family and law graduate; Samuel Cooke, a graduate from the college sports programme and 'fitness fanatic' and Glenn Scott, a high achieving medical graduate. Glenn constantly voices his dismay at his friends' 'recreational habit' and repeatedly attempts to convince them to change their ways.

A number of secondary and supporting characters are included in the series such as; Officer Joseph Parkes, a kind-hearted and jovial LSPD officer who constantly warns the group against the dangers of recreational drug use; Walter RIchardson, the supervisor of the apartment building who repeatedly tries to 'bust' the group and Parker O'Reilly, the owner of the Irish bar frequented by the group.

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  • Hazy Days has attracted an extremely dedicated following in the sixteen to twenty year old age group. Market research has revealed that the show's content and frequent humorous situations resonate strongly with young adults and teenagers. Young women are particularly entertained by the "will they or won't they?" romance between Glenn and Sasha.
  • The series has become one of Zephyr's most watched and most popular series. The continually high viewing statistics has prompted Vector Networks to approve the series for an unspecified number of seasons. Hazy Days is expected to continue well into the future with the series being renewed after every season so far.