The Harrington Family is a powerful family dynasty in Liberty City. They are the fifth wealthiest family in the city with an immense social standing in the affluent upper class. Derby Harrington is the current head of the family and the immediate heir to the Harrington fortune. The family is originally from East Carraway but relocated to Liberty City in 1984 to take advantage of business and social opportunities present in the city.  

They reside in a lavish two-story mansion in the affluent Beachgate neighbourhood of Liberty City. As a link to their past they also maintain an equally opulent mansion in East Carraway which they use as their winter mansion. The Harrington Family is known for its extravagant wealth and links to a number of highly influential governmental figures. Members of the family have the unpleasant habit of being arrogant and superior with a deep love for the finer things in life. In essence they are the stereotypical snooty blue-bloods. 

Wealth and InfluenceEdit

By 2013, the Harrington fortune has reached the eight billion dollar mark. As such they have risen to the rank of fifth richest family in the city with an immense social standing among the affluent residents of Liberty City. They are well known in the social arenas of both Liberty City and East Carraway with a number of powerful political connections to supplement their social status. Their Liberty City mansion is known as the largest and most opulent in the affluent gated community of Beachgate. Their official residence is a sixty thousand square foot mansion in Beachgate complete with ten large bedrooms, a private sauna, a home movie theatre, a private library complete with its own library-butler, a private gym, an indoor heated swimming pool and numerous entertainment rooms. The sprawling grounds of Harrington Manor feature manicured lawns and gardens, a tennis court, a large swimming pool, a helipad and a two thousand square foot security garage.  

Other buildings owned by the Harrington Family include three hotels, a social club in Bullworth and a casino in Alderney City. The family made its fortune in oil and currently owns oil rigs along the eastern coast of the United States in addition to several onshore oil fields. They own the filling station chains Globe Oil and Terroil.

The Harrington Family is quite possibly the oldest family in the United States. It's lineage dates as far back as the early seventeenth century when its founder, Archibald Harrington, arrived among the very first settlers from England. Radcliff Harrington fought with the British in the Revolutionary War due to his family's strong financial ties to England and the Crown but also maintained secret links to rebels loyal to George Washington in order to reap the benefits of backing both sides. He hoped for a British victory but carefully planned for a rebel one. The family again played a prominent role in American history during the Civil War with the Harrington Family standing as proud Confederate supporters. The twin brothers Hadrian and Bartholomew Harrington played a role in the Civil War with Hadrian running the family in support of Confederate interests and Bartholomew fighting with the Confederate Army in the south. Bartholomew was killed during a particularly bloody battle against Union troops on a long-lost battlefield and his brother publically renounced ties to the Confederacy after the end of the Civil War. In its latest contributions to American history the Harrington Family provided substantial support to American troops in the Second World War and the Vietnam War donating large amounts of ammunition and other supplies.

Harrington Family TreeEdit

  • Archibald Harrington (1622 - 1709)
    • Theodore Harrington (1641 - 1643)
    • Jeremiah Harrington (1646 - 1728)
    • Victoria Harrington (1651 - 1733)
    • Baldwin Harrington (1654 - 1745)
      • Emily Harrington (died in childbirth)
      • Bernard Harrington (1682 - 1779)
        • Ashton Harrington (1701 - 1784)
          • Radcliff Harrington (1744 - 1833)
            • Blanche Harrington (1788 - 1876)
            • Jane Harrington (1788 - 1863)
            • Hadley Harrington (1788 - 1856)
              • Hadrian Harrington (1828 - 1864)
              • Bartholomew Harrington (1828 - 1902)
                • Phillip Harrington (1851 - 1947)
                  • Parnell Harrington (1911 - 1995)
                    • Robert Harrington (1941 - 2011)
                      • Derby Harrington (b. 1975)
                        • Arthur Harrington (b. 2004)
                        • Emelia Harrington (b. 2006)
                        • Richard Harrington (b. 2007)

Family FriendshipsEdit

The Harrington Family is a prominent family in the northeastern United States and as such holds a list of high profile family friends such as;

  • The Von Crastenburg family
  • The Cleethorpes family
  • The Gauthier family
  • The Montrose family
  • The Ogilvie family
  • The Spencer family

Family AssetsEdit

The Harrington Family owns a number of businesses and private enterprises including;

Trivia Edit

  • The family serves as the stereotypical example of a highly wealthy family. They act with a snooty and superior attitude towards those less fortunate than themselves. Members of the family are known for their arrogant "blue blood" nature with Derby being a prime example of this.

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